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Packing List for Summer Camp

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Today’s post is sponsored by Pampers Underjams, but all opinions are my own! #ConquerBedWetting This summer, our older two children will be attending summer camp for their first time. Thankfully, my husband is on the board of directors of the camp and so we’ll both be going, too. Nothing like a little extra supervision, right? When […]

Super Easy S’mores Pops

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Last week, I signed up to bring snacks to our community group, and my daughter Evie and I decided we wanted to do something really fun for a treat. Since we had all the ingredients on-hand, we quickly decided that S’Mores pops would be fun- and tasty! I love s’mores in pretty much any shape, […]

Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad Recipe

Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad is a perfect addition to your baby shower, summer party, or just for an easy dinner!

So this series on using a $5 chicken for 3 meals is stretching out over a long period of time, mostly due to my scatter-brained-ness. (yes that’s a new word!) I came up with this cranberry pecan chicken salad recipe after seeing a similar version at Sam’s… but it was around $14. It was a […]

The Best $30 I Spend in a Week

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Living on a budget and staying within our means doesn’t always have to mean that life is boring or we never get things that most of the world would consider a luxury. Sure, we have forgone certain things (like sticking with our laminate countertops vs. replacing them with granite like I truly adore!) but there […]

Helping Expecting Moms

Today, I want to share a few things that friends and family have done to help me while pregnant. The more pregnancies one has, the harder it gets, because guess what? There are more little ones to attend to! The ladies (and a few men!) in our life helped make it so much easier. Maybe […]

letting kids be free


There are as many parenting styles as there are parents out there, and we definitely fall in the “let them work on figuring things out on their own” category. I love watching the wheels turn as they try to figure out something, and then their smiles of delight as it happens! (Or sometimes, their frustration […]