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Small Changes: Playing Music in the Home

I have a confession. Music is not something I naturally think about playing in our home. It always seems that there is too much noise and chaos anyway, so why add something else? But I’ve discovered that when I go through a phase of having music playing, the atmosphere is actually calmer. Now, this doesn’t […]

Making Small Changes: Get Active!

Hi there and welcome to Day 22 of Making Small Changes! Today, I’m over at Peak 313 doing a Q&A about making changes in becoming more active and losing weight. I hope you’ll join me there! Here’s a little snippet:  Q: What one piece of advice would you give to someone who is sitting on the […]

5 Reasons You Should get Outside- Now!

5 reasons you should get outside- now!

Good morning friends! Today is Day 20 of Making Small Changes. (If you’re new, click here to read all about it and get started!) Today’s change is one that I can almost guarantee will improve your mood and clear your head. Getting outside is something I’ve had to grow to love. Growing up, I was […]

Using the Best Appliance in your Kitchen: Small Changes

The BEST appliance in your kitchen!

Hi there! I’m just getting back from a trip to Atlanta and South Carolina with my older daughter Allie- I’m so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open but it was an incredible trip! We got to spend time with some very good friends of ours and also attend the gorgeous wedding of my sweet […]

Establishing Family Traditions

The importance of establishing family traditions

Hi there! Hard to believe it’s Friday already! While you’re reading this, I’m enjoying a little getaway with my older daughter Allie. We’re visiting friends in Atlanta then heading to South Carolina for my cousin’s wedding! Such a special time all around. {Day 17 of Making Small Changes} Speaking of special times, something our family […]

5 minutes, 11 seconds

5 minutes, 11 seconds

(source) (this post was originally from 8-6-2012. But I thought it fit in nicely with my “small changes” challenge this month. The challenge? Consider where you’re putting your time! Those seconds turn into hours into days into years!) I have been 100% committed (addicted??) to watching the Olympics this year- partly because I’m loving it […]