13 in 2013: Makeup Favorites.

Kelly and I started this fun series last month- 13 in 2013. Basically, there are 13 categories and each month (twice in April!) we’ll list our favorites of each category. Last month was baby products. I love reading other lists like this because who wants to spend their money on things that don’t work like they claim? (Oh and the list usually comes out on the 13th of each month, but this month we both had other stuff we wanted to “talk” about on that day!) I am not getting paid for these reviews- they are honestly my own opinion!
This month is make-up/personal products. I like make-up. A lot. One month last year I made myself refrain from buying it because I had to stinkin’ much. This year, I’m really trying to pare way down in all areas of my life, especially consumerism. So I’ll only buy something when I’m actually running low on it, not because oh-that-lipstick-tube-looks-cool-I-think-I’ll-buy-it.
So here we go, a few of my favorites:

Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo
Listen. I am now a mom of four- (even though I got this from a friend {hi Debbie!} when I was a mom of only 3!)- and washing my hair every day ain’t happening. (I’m Texan, forgive the grammar please!) This stuff is amazing. When you have second day (or third, let’s be real here), just spray a bit of this at the roots and it absorbs the oil and gets you by another day. Also, this brand is a bit expensive, but I’ve this bottle almost 2 years and use it at least once a week.. I’ve heard other brands (Dove and Suave) work great too but this is the only one I’ve personally tried.
This also came on recommendations from friends. (hi Danae and Laura!) I sent out a request on FB for the best mascara and these sisters both sang this mascara’s praises. They were right- it doesn’t clump at all and does what a good mascara should do!

I picked this stuff up at HEB a few months ago because I was out of foundation, this was on the end cap, and had a coupon taped to it. How’s that for research? (and marketing!) But- I love it! You can read more about BB cream here, but basically it covers really well. Which is great, if you happen to get a few pimples in your 30s. Not that I know. ahem.
This stuff I have used forever and ever and it just works great. I used to sell MK a long time ago (and Kelly does now!) and this was definitely one of my top sellers. It’s not greasy at all, and a bottle lasts forever. (especially when you’re too tired to remove your make up before bed, then it lasts a reaaaaally long time. ha!)
So there ya have it. A few of my favorite make-up items. Now I want to hear yours! If you’ve written a post about your favorites or are now compelled to write one, link it up here. I promise to read each of your lists- who know, I may be missing the very best lipstick out there! 😉

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  1. Hi Kelli :) I always enjoy reading and watching youtube videos that have product reviews. I can totally relate to being reluctant to buying things without a little heads up about how good they actually work. It was good to see mascara here that I have tried and liked. This is fun, so I’ll have to check back and see what other goodies you girls recommend. I hope you had a wonderful Valentines, and have a great weekend too friend xo

  2. I discovered Dry Shampoo in December when my stylist gave me a sample, I am totally hooked on it now! Love this list, so glad I found you through Pamela on twitter!! Love you and your blog!! ~ Paula