5 Ways to Show Love

Hi my dear readers! We’re closing in on Valentine’s Day- I am sure some of you are excited about the day, some are ambivalent, and some of you might be dreading the day.

Whatever your feelings on February, I think it’s safe to say that all of us are looking for ways to show love to others, whether it’s a significant other, our parents, our children, or the lonely-looking lady that you see at Costco each week.

One of the truths I’m trying to instill in my own mind this year is that “Love is Kind.” It’s so simple yet so profound. (Click here for a free printable that says just that, in case you need a visual reminder as I do!)

Here are 5 ways to show love that you might not think about, but the recipient will surely feel loved by you!

1.) Ask about a hard situation in their life.
Maybe they’ve recently lost a loved one or their job. Maybe their spouse just walked out. And maybe everyone around them is hesitant to lend a listening ear. Be the person that enters their pain with them.

2.) Buy them a coke or an ice cream and bring it to them
Something this small (and inexpensive) can show love to someone who’s feeling forgotten. They’ll love knowing that you thought of them!

3.) Open up and share your story
Nothing says love like being vulnerable and sharing a little piece of your personal history. You never know what heart connections you’ll make by doing this. (Be wise in this, of course.)

love is kind 5 ways to show love

4.) Giving something away that you love. It’s easy to give something away that you no longer use, but giving away something that you still cherish is a true way to exhibit love!

5.) Be kind. Yes, this is surprising because people can be so impatient and yes, even hateful. Showing kindness to those who most likely expect it (your postal carrier, the pharmacy tech who fills your prescription each week, the crossing guard at your child’s school) will show love in the best way!

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With love, Kelli

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