A delicious summer wrap-up

As I mentioned in my last post, our summer was crazy busy and ended with not one but two weddings on back-to-back weekends in late August. Since Ben is a pastor, we attend A LOT of weddings- mostly with him as the officiant.

The last weekend of August he was performing the wedding for some of our friends in Kemah, Texas. (It was on a boat and SO much fun!) Since the summer had been chock full and we hadn’t had a night alone since April, we decided to get someone to stay with the kids (thank goodness for my aunt that lives in Houston!) and stay the night before the wedding in Kemah and enjoy a fun date while we were at it.

We ate at Bonefish Grill in Webster, TX which is in a super convenient location to Kemah- it’s right on 45 South. Ben and I had never eaten there before and and we are always super excited about a trying a new (to us) place.


A little excited for an uninterrupted meal. :)


We started off the meal with an appetizer of Bang Bang Shrimp. Oh. my. goodness. It was amazingly flavorful and probably our favorite part of the meal.


For the main course, I had the special that was running during August- the stuffed lobster. It had been SO long since I’d had lobster so I was super excited. What made me even more excited was the fact that I didn’t have to crack it- it was already done for me! While this special is no longer available, you can check out Bonefish Grill’s current specials here.
img_4190  You can see Ben’s main course peeking out from behind mine. He had the Chilean Seabass which I may have liked even better than my own meal! We were able to try the fish with all of these sauces: Lime Tomato Garlic, Mango Salsa, Herb Pesto, Pan Asian Sauce and Lemon Butter. I think my favorite was the tomato garlic!


For dessert I was hard pressed between strawberry shortcake and creme brûlée- creme brûlée is certainly my all time favorite dessert and I love trying it at many restaurants. In the end though, strawberry shortcake won out since summer was coming to a close and I knew it would be harder to find in the fall. It was so good- fresh cream makes all the difference!

I can’t wait to return to Bonefish Grill soon- that creme brûlée has been on my mind. 😉 It was a good, relaxing way to end a crazy summer. Find a Bonefish Grill location near you here!

This delicious meal was sponsored by Bonefish Grill. All opinions are my own.

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