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Hi, my name is Kelli and I’m so excited to have you here!

hi I'm Kelli

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My love for writing began in high school English, and while I took a many-years hiatus, I am so glad to be back to writing through blogging.

The name is a spin off of the popular book Eat Pray Love, which I have not read but think the title is so fun and catchy- and I added in the “read” because I wanted it to be original. So what can you expect in my  blog?

Here’s the story behind each of the topics on eat pray {read} love:


pink lemonade cookies

Food, and lots of it! I love, love, love to cook and create new recipes. I usually only partially follow a recipe that I find, and tweak it to fit our family’s tastes. Sometimes, I come up with a recipe all my own, such as my Spicy Asian Lettuce Wraps, Toffee Pecan Pie Cheesecake, Frosted Pink Lemonade Cookies, or one of many heart-warming soups. More recipes are added every week!


pray9 things adults should get rid of to become better people

Stories about faith and lessons I’ve learned. My relationship with God is numero uno for me, and I love to share what I am learning with you, my readers! From topics ranging from 9 Things Adults Should Get Rid of To Become Better People, to sharing a Scripture on my heart,  to sharing about my struggle with post-partum depression, to finding ways to help out single moms, I have plan to cover a vast array of spiritual topics in the upcoming months. Have questions? E-mail me!


how to get free and cheap books!

Lots of books to check out! Reading has long been one of my favorite past-times, and I am so excited to share lots of book reviews with you! I read a wide array of genres, from books about insecurity to books on budgeting, so I’m hoping you’ll find book reviews that are relevant to you. Also, find out how I get books for next-to-nothing!


Love encompasses a lot of topics, right? I  hosted a series on marriage that I love, love, love. {no pun intended!} I had several different guest bloggers whose wisdom was so helpful and encouraging. If you’re not married, don’t leave! I also write about ways to love our children, our friends, our parents, and others in our lives we don’t even know.

Wow, I am so excited! Did I mention that? Thanks for joining me, and I can’t wait to get to know all of you better!

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