Bedroom Reveal- finally!

You have probably forgotten by now that we were redoing our bedroom. I mean, I did start blogging about it almost a month ago! Between lots of company, a crazy summer schedule, nursing a baby, entertaining two other children, we finally got it done about a week ago. Now, I have finally had time to take pictures!

Just a reminder: the before pics

messy dresser

cluttered bookshelf, scary desk hiding behind that partition

scary, scary desk

and after…
I have never been a quilt person but I fell in love with this one.

“My side” of the bed.

I am striving to keep our “new” room clean and neat, but somehow the laundry is still there! 
A huge improvement over what it was, though.

What do you think?

PS The plaque with “Hand in Hand since 2001” refers to the song that was played at the unity candle at our wedding in 2001. Never heard of it? That’s because my hubby wrote, sung and recorded it for me before the big day- then surprised me! I love that man!

PPS My true favorite feature of the room: finding these babes cuddling together.

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  1. Love it!!

  2. Great job Kelli!! I love the blue theme too! {it’s my new favorite color! :)} It looks very coordinated and pulled together too- love it! and i wonder if HL still has those keys…

  3. Looks great! Reminds me that I really need to paint our bedroom!!! Thanks for sharing at the Weekend Warrior. :)


  4. I bet they do! I think I just got them in March maybe?
    And thanks by the way!

  5. lovely job! I need to spruce up my bland house soon!

  6. Jenny Matlock says:

    What a perfect re-do. It looks like such a relaxing and cozy space to spend time with those adorable littles!

    Thanks for sharing your talents with us.


  7. DayDreamnWorld says:

    You’re inspiring me. I really need to get busy and do something like that, but right now I’m trying to declutter before that Hoarders TV show arrives at my front door. You did a great job.

  8. Love your new room Great job

  9. Thanks Vera! I only wish I had blogged the transformation of our first home! :)

  10. Thanks Jessica!

  11. Thanks Abbie! Well you can envy my proximity to IKEA and I’ll envy your proximity to grandparents! :)
    Yes the GWP is amazing! :)

  12. Thanks Jenny!

  13. haha, that made me laugh! I, too, have to struggle against hoarding! :0)

  14. Thank you! :)

  15. You did a wonderful job on your bedroom make- over. Love your desk!

  16. Looks wonderful! I am especially in love with your lampshades. My hubby would NEVER allow those in our room, he wants it kept on the masculine/lodgy side. However, I may get those for my sitting rooms. Seriously love them.

  17. Hey, this turned out great! I’m still trying not to break a commandment by envying your proximity to an Ikea. ; ) Oh, and I did make it to ULTA finally and was quite impressed with the GWP. I think I’m going to get a couple more and copy your giveaway idea. I think I’m the most excited about the brushes, which they had the exact same versions of in the store and would have cost $28 all by their lonesome.

  18. Jessica Muoio says:

    I love it! New follower here from DAES of Our Lives link up. :)

  19. Vera Smith says:

    Very nicely done! It’s clear that you love making your house into a comfortable HOME.

    As the saying goes, “Some People Look For A Beautiful Place,
    Others Make a Place Beautiful”!

  20. Thanks Lissa! It is very rare that I get a room exactly the way I want it- but I was determined to get everything done in a timely manner this time. It feels good to be DONE! :)

  21. Thanks! You, too.

  22. Thanks Heather! I really liked them, too and love how cheap IKEA’s stuff is! :) I’d love to see your sitting room if/when you get them!

  23. You are very welcome! I LOVE the quilt. The comforter we had before was so very hot but this is the perfect weight- even in steamy Texas!

  24. Well Jenn it took us 2 years to get around to this…. so I’d say you have at least 6 more months! lol

  25. Thanks Amanda! It was hard work but I’m happy with how it turned out. :)

  26. I like the lamp with flowers and all the little touches – I think they add personality and keeps it from being boring.

  27. these are elegant stuff.

    happy Friday.

  28. Thank you for letting us link up! :)

  29. Tammy@Type A says:

    love love love! looks great. my daughter wants the same quilt, and i promised her she could have it, it looks so good! thanks for sharing this at my party!