I’m Your Leader and I Failed ;)

Hi there! We’ve just finished out our first month of the Reading Challenge and I’ve already (partially) failed! (Still want to join? You can! Start here. Then e-mail me @ eatprayreadlove@gmail.com and I’ll add you to my e-mail group!)

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My goals were to read A Tale of Two Cities (a book I should have read in high school) and Large Family Logisitics (a book on organizing or time management.) The book my mom recommended was Forgotten God, but I had just read it in November so I pushed that back to re-read in a few months. (It’s so so good!)

So how did I do? Not a complete success, but not a complete failure either.

  • I did not finish A Tale of Two Cities. I’m about 1/3 of the way done. It is not an easy book to read but I really am into it. My plan was to read it on the elliptical when I go to the YMCA two times a week. I tried that but it turns out there are too many distractions there for me to read and comprehend Charles Dickens. Ha! I am going to keep plodding along in it. (PS If you ever try to read it, get past the first two chapters and you’ll be okay. The first two are dry and slooooow in my opinion) Buy it here


  • I read over half of Large Family Logistics. (a sweet friend I’ve never met in real life sent it to me! So very kind!) It’s a “doing” book- as in there were many things I wanted to implement in this book instead of just reading it. And I have! One thing I’ve implemented is having a dedicated laundry day each week and I must say that I’m a fan! I’ve never felt more “caught up” on my laundry as I do now. So this book was a success even though I didn’t read it from cover to cover and I’ll refer to it a ton over the years.

Other books I read or started: (yes I’m one of those people who read multiple books at a time!)

  • A Man Called Ove– I started this in late December on our anniversary trip and I must say it’s so good! I read it at the suggestion of my cousin-in-law Jen. Ove reminded me so much of my beloved late Papa, and I’m sure that’s one reason it was so endearing. Buy it here
  • Since I didn’t read A Tale of Two Cities on the elliptical, I *almost* finished a book I started a while back called women living well by Courtney Joseph.
  • I also listened to a few chapters of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. It was free on Audible for a while so I downloaded it. (You can still get two free books if you’re new to Audible by clicking here) It’s a good method to getting *completely* organized and I want to do her method, maybe this summer. (although, I draw the line at my stuff having feelings. Just no.)
  • One of my favorite listens/reads: You and Me Forever- Marriage in Light of Eternity by Francis and Lisa Chan. OH MY. If you are a Christian and haven’t read this, please do. If you download their app, the e-book AND audio version are free! And you’ll need to read a book on marriage in Month 3 anyway. 😉
  • Started John Grisham’s newest book. Either my husband or sister buys me the latest John Grisham book each year. I LOVE THEM! This one- The Whistler– I also started on our anniversary trip and am still reading it during my kids’ afternoon nap times.

Okay I think that about sums it up.

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