Book Review and Giveaway {The Money Saving Mom’s Budget}

***This giveaway is now closed!***

If you know me in “real life” and have asked me about how I do my couponing, or if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I adore Money Saving Mom’s website. She has tons of useful information each and every day about how to get things inexpensively, as well as very uplifting blog posts about topics that have nothing to do with money! 
So. When she announced earlier this year that she would be writing a book, I was excited and knew I would want to read it.  I was more excited when a few months later she asked her blog readers to apply to review the book. And I was super excited when I found out I had been selected as one of the 300 bloggers to review the book- which will be released in January. (Think I was a little excited?)
Anyway, I received the book about three weeks ago and read it in less than 48 hours. Seriously, it was so helpful yet a very easy read- no fancy jargon- just practical steps to help you get going in the right direction financially.
One thing I really love is that she tells her family’s personal story- when she and her husband were first married, he was in law school and she stayed at home. They were determined to stay out of debt and by living extremely frugally (a fast food meal was a treat!), they were able to accomplish this. Mine and Ben’s story is much like this- his income as a full-time youth pastor when we got married in 2001 was $12,000, and I was still in college!
No matter your financial situation, I believe anyone can benefit from reading this book. Crystal gives tips on how to save money on everything from eye glasses to children’s clothes. Even if you have a good financial history, there is something for you in here! Even though the Paines are well-off financially now, they still are frugal so that they are able to save for the future, as well as give generously.

Oh, did I mention that she is giving ALL of the proceeds of the book to Compassion International? What a great way to be an example in giving! I think this book would make a great wedding gift in order to help a young couple get off on the right foot.

As a way to celebrate the six month anniversary of my blog, I will hold a drawing on December 21 for one reader win a copy of this book!

To enter:
***This giveaway is now closed!***
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The drawing will be held Wednesday, December 21.

P.S. Have you tried this recipe?

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  1. I follow you via GFC!! :)

  2. My favorite way to save money….to not spend it!!! And couponing.

  3. stephanie page says:

    FOllowing via GFC..and Facebook!!! :)

  4. stephanie page says:

    Favorite way to save money is following Dave Ramsey’s budgeting & Envelope systems!

  5. Krissy Schwettmann says:

    Never been a follower until today (although I do regularly check your blog). Would love to win this book!

  6. Kimberly Pieplow says:

    I get your e-mails!

  7. Kimberly Pieplow says:

    Setting up a zero-budget spending plan with my husband (not fun or easy to do, but great if you commit to it!). And I get a big thrill from cutting coupons (this actually began as a child when I would cut coupons for my mom!).

  8. I am an email subscriber!

  9. My favorite way to save money is by buying used :)

  10. Danielle Garcia says:

    I follow on GFC

  11. Danielle Garcia says:

    My favorite way to save money is to reuse as much as possible. I avoid disposable products and reuse things like jars.

  12. i am a follower by email!

  13. My favorite way to save money is to coupon. During the holidays I like making gifts as well.

  14. Selkin0001 says:

    Couponing like a crazy person! Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. My favorite way to save money is to stockpile items at rock bottom prices and to shop for clothing at thrift stores.

  16. Using budgeting software that gives me reminders and coupons.

  17. New E-mail follower

  18. Merritt Sondra says:

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  19. Merritt Sondra says:

    My favorite way to save money is planning out a menu and sticking to it through the month.

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  21. My favorite way to save money is by getting rebates along with the coupons and store discounts that are already in place, you usually make more money that way :)

  22. Mary Roberts says:

    I follow via email subscribe list!

  23. Mary Roberts says:

    I favorite way to save is every way! I use coupons, store rewards programs, rebates and cash back programs! My favorite thing about savings is journaling my spending and watching my savings add up over time!

  24. Susan Salerno says:

    Subscribe via Google

  25. susan salerno says:

    Matching coupons to items that have rebates or reward bucks so that you are actually making $$ by purchasing them.

  26. Ashley Marsh says:

    I am now following through Google Friend Connect!

  27. I follow this blog via GFC

  28. Favorite way to save money is Couponing!

  29. Ashley Marsh says:

    My favorite way to save money is buying “last year’s” goods. So often companies come out with a newer or better version of their goods when the previous model or design works just fine. The older goods are given a great discount and make me happy!

  30. Wildflower Wynd says:

    My favorite way to save money is to cook a whole chicken once a week, boil the bones for broth and make pot pie and fajitas with the leftovers.

  31. Jenmarie33 says:

    My best money saving tip is to make a shopping list and stick to it. It really helps the most if you actually remember to take it with you. :)

  32. Dorothy Compton says:

    Just subscribed to daily emails.

  33. Dorothy Compton says:

    My favorite way to save money is by going paperless as often as possible…use real napkins, rags instead of paper towels, etc.

  34. I am getting into the thrifting thing and love it! Thanks for stopping by!

  35. Ooooh, what kind of gifts do you make? I love making things! Thanks for stopping by!

  36. I am a crazy couponer myself. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  37. Yeah for stockpiling! Thanks for stopping by!

  38. gfc follower (sl)
    tnxns09 at gmail dot com

  39. coupons and buy only what needed

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  41. I shop at Aldi to save money!

  42. I just subscribed to your feed through email.

  43. my favorite way to save money is shopping thrift stores and garage sales.

  44. Michelletonkin says:

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  45. Michelletonkin says:

    My favorite way to save money is by using coupons and shopping at thrift stores michelletonkin at comcast dot net
    THANK YOU for this opportunity to win this book. Merry Christmas!

  46. 3girlsnurse says:

    Would love to win this book. I am looking for ways to decrease our spending and save some money. Jill

  47. Blaire Ruch says:

    now following you through Google Friend Connect!

  48. Blaire ruch says:

    favorite way to save money: clipping (and using!) coupons!

  49. Love to save $ by not spending, but when I have to I coupon & frequent thrift stores. It hurts me to spend full price on items these days!

  50. Rachel Wizenfeld says:

    favorite way to save money is CRAIGSLIST!! love it

  51. thank you for the oppurtunity to win this book. the biggest way we save money is by making our own laundry detergent.

  52. buying used college text books from amazon marketplace or ebay

    pmbtomk at yahoo dot com

  53. My favorite way to save is by using zero budgeting! I check my balances every morning and night to make sure I am on track!

  54. I followed via Google Friend Connect

  55. My favorite way to save money is to keep a budget. I’ve been using a virtual envelope system via an app on my phone to help me stay on track. I shop at Fresh & Easy and never without one of their 20% off coupons!


  56. Me, too! Thanks for stopping by!

  57. You are very welcome! Good luck.:)

  58. Why yes it does, and I forget mine all the time! Thanks for stopping by!

  59. Yay for you!

  60. I would love to win this book! I love her blog and an anxious to read the book!

  61. GFC follower

  62. Coupons are my favorite way of saving!

  63. Stephanie Olmsted says:

    I follow on GFC

  64. Stephanie Olmsted says:

    Money Saving…. we make our own laundry soap and it works better than I thought it would. We almost finished our first batch.

  65. Following you through google friend connect. Thanks for the chance to win!k

  66. Favorite way to save money is reusable paper towels, also known as rags!

    Keltonsmom at gmail dot com (email addy not on previous comment – sorry about that)

  67. i’m a gfc follower (deal bunny)

  68. my favorite way to save money is combining coupons with weekly grocery ad deals

  69. Coupons and sites!

  70. Couponhustla says:
    email subsciber

  71. My favorite way to save money is to buget and plan

  72. I followed your blog! :)

    Giann –

  73. One of my favorite ways to save money is by signing up for freebies! :) By doing that, I can try a product to see if I like before I spend money on it!

  74. tiffanyblitz says:

    I’m following you with GFC (tiffanyblitz). tiffany (at)

  75. tiffanyblitz says:

    My favorite way to save money is by cutting out things that aren’t good for you, anyway. We don’t have cable – we watch selected DVDs, play games, and talk! We don’t go to starbucks and pay $6 for a cup of coffee. Etc., etc.

  76. I subscribe to your site. Is email and I love it! Thanks for all u do!

  77. I think laundry soap and dryer sheets r expensive , so we use half the detergent called for and cut our dryer sheets in half or fourths depending on the sheet. J