The Ultimate Summer Reading Guide for Christian Women

Do you ever get stuck in a rut of reading the same kind of books over and over again? I so often get stuck in a rut of reading fiction if I’m not intentional about picking out different types of books. There’s nothing wrong with fiction (as long as it isn’t trashy!) and there are […]

I’m Your Leader and I Failed ;)

Hi there! We’ve just finished out our first month of the Reading Challenge and I’ve already (partially) failed! (Still want to join? You can! Start here. Then e-mail me @ and I’ll add you to my e-mail group!) My goals were to read A Tale of Two Cities (a book I should have read in high […]

Creating a Culture of Hospitality

Hospitality is a biblical subject that has always fascinated me. Are Christians expected to be hospitable? The answer is yes! I’ve loved exploring the topic throughout the Scriptures on the topic and realizing that the Bible says the words “one to another,” “together,” and “shared” SO many times. It’s hard to live life like that without being hospitable! […]

Marriage Monday: Are you (a woman) Addicted to P*rn?

Note: Today is the first offering in my new series, Marriage Monday. I’m starting with a doozy so hang on tight! You might be confused by the title- aren’t most people that are addicted to p*rn of the male variety? I would venture to say that yes, that the majority of those that look at […]

What I’ve Read this Year: February Edition

Hi there- welcome to my 2nd edition of “What I’ve Read this Year.” I’m trying really hard to keep track of everything I’m reading this year and wanted to share with you, since many of you ask for book suggestions! I’m not reading fiction books for the Lenten period (Feb 10- March 27) so there […]

What I’ve Read this year: January

Hi friends and Happy Monday! We’re coming off a busy but fun weekend. My husband is in Africa so keep my family in your prayers! One thing my friends always ask is, “What do you recommend I read?” I’m a pretty voracious reader so I usually have a suggestion or 2.  I’ve decided to keep up […]