Chocolate-Walnut LaraBar recipe

from the archives- originally posted 4.3.2014 A few weeks ago I shared one of my new favorite recipes- 2-Ingredient Peanut Butter Lara Bar bites. I did some experimenting that day with another flavor combination of a LaraBar recipe. While the peanut butter version was my favorite (I love peanut butter if you can’t tell- check […]

eat//peaches and cream monkey bread

(from the archives, originally posted 9.16.2013) Is there anything more delicious than biting into a fresh peach? They are probably my favorite fruit, although it’s a close race with mango. On the same note, it’s incredibly disappointing to expect to bite into a juicy peach and instead, bite into a hard and bitter piece of […]

Lemon Blueberry Oatmeal

Hi friends! I’m just returning from a small 36-hour getaway with my family out of the city (yay!) and also took that time off of the Internet. I checked my e-mail once that whole time, didn’t login to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest at all, and it was fabulous! Now it’s back to work and real […]

Cracker Barrel-esque Pancakes

  I have a confession. Well, actually, it’s a confession on behalf my husband. As a general rule, he doesn’t like pancakes. Something about having to deal with the stickiness of the syrup overrides the delicious taste of the pancake itself. But, he LOVES Cracker Barrel pancakes. I mean, have you ever had them? Perfect […]

Semi-Healthy(ish) Breakfast Quiche Recipe

  My husband and I were recently talking about cooking and his favorite meals I make, etc. He told me there was only thing I made that he did not like (brave man, huh?) but I asked! He said he liked quiche, but not when it had spinach in it. He’d rather it be all […]