When a Slob Comes Clean….

A few months ago, I remember having the same thought about several women in my life, “Why is so and so’s house always so clean? What am I missing here?” I even talked to my friend Kati about it. I’m a competent person, I’m not lazy, yet it never seemed I could have my house […]

{RIP Shopping In-Store} Life Hacks for Large Families

You guys, remember a few months ago when I posted about Grove.co? I had an amazing free offer for you guys then, and I’ve got another one now! You can read below for my streamlining tip for large families, or if you’re short on time, click here to add $30 of free products to your cart […]

My Favorite Cleaning Tip (and a free gift!)

Happy Tuesday! (Be sure to read to the end for a free gift for everyone! Good until July 24, 2016) I’ve missed you all! We took a 12 day vacation (can’t wait to tell you all about it!) and I hardly looked at my computer or phone and it was amazing. But now I’m ready to […]

letting kids be free

There are as many parenting styles as there are parents out there, and we definitely fall in the “let them work on figuring things out on their own” category. I love watching the wheels turn as they try to figure out something, and then their smiles of delight as it happens! (Or sometimes, their frustration […]

10 Old School Tips and Tricks that Actually Work

Wow, it’s day 7 of Making Small Changes already! I have exactly 3 ideas left, so please help a sister out and let me know other small changes I can write about. Today’s topic is a fun one for me- Old School Tips and Tricks that actually work.  Although our house is by no means […]

How To Clean Small Appliances

This discussion is sponsored by Viva Vantage, but all opinions are my own.   I have a dirty little secret. I mean, it’s not that bad, but it’s not something I normally share with the world. Until now. I use my small appliances in the kitchen (stand mixer, hand mixer, food processor, etc.) A LOT. […]