{eat} In a Pinch Crock Pot Meals

This post about crockpot meals is from the archives. It’s one of my highest-viewed posts of all times so I wanted to bring it back! I rounded up a few recipes for you- including a free printable! The idea is to print this off, stick it on your fridge or wherever your keep recipes, then you […]

Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon

It’s time for this month’s #BlogFilmFood! It’s where some of my blogger friends and I get together virtually, watch a movie, and cook something delicious based on the movie. I actually got to see several of these bloggers in person yesterday at a blogging event- I’ll be sharing more on that next week!

Easy, Delicious Meal Planning

If there’s one thing I totally didn’t know how to do as a newly-wed, it was meal planning. Many days would find me at 4 pm, wondering what was for dinner. While I’m certainly not perfect at it, I’ve definitely improved a bit! I really don’t have one specific way I go about meal planning: […]

Food on the Cheap: Using Whole Chicken Part 2

Hi friends! I hope you’re having a good week. The good news is- it’s Friday! Right before I left for Ecuador, I started a series about using a whole chicken– that costs around $5- to make 3 meals. With 4 kiddos around the house, 2 of which eat like adults, I’m always looking for ways […]