Dresser redo, and a bit of nostalgia

These dressers. They hold so many memories of my childhood. They also, obviously, hold lots of dirt from fingerprints over the last 31 years. I had scrubbed and scrubbed them, to no avail. Maybe even a name inscription found its way onto the chest of drawers. My sister and I shared a room for several […]

How to Work With What You’ve Got

One of my favorite hobbies (much to my husband’s chagrin) is upcycling furniture. (I’m one of those people who sends my husband to the curb on trash day to pick up people’s discards so I can make them pretty!) We’ve done several pieces over the last few years and it just feels good to put a new coat […]

How to turn an Entertainment Center into a Fireplace: DIY Upcycle

How to turn an Entertainment Center into a Fireplace: DIY Upcycle Sometimes I get these really crazy ideas. Then I tell said crazy ideas to my husband and he says, “You’re crazy!” But then a day or two later, he comes back and says, “Let’s do it!” This project is one of those ideas that […]

Dollar Tree Patriotic Wreath

I’ve never been much on 4th of July decorations, but a trip to Dollar Tree a few weeks ago changed that! (I seriously had my Christmas wreath up until the day after Easter, when I replaced it with an Easter wreath I got for 1/2 price!) I’d had this idea to do a flip flop […]

31 days {thrifty art for the home}

I love decorating my home and making it feel, well, more homey. In fact, I’m going to be doing a series in November on “Making a House a Home.” I love using thrifty art since I love finding (or making) beautiful things for little money. One of my favorite pieces of art in our home […]

outdated cabinet- DO OVER!

I homeschool our son. At our dining table. In our breakfast room. We keep all of his books in this box.  Needless to say, the box is usually running over, and not a good long-term solution. The dining table is usually mass-chaos because we have nowhere else to put the books while we are actually […]