5 Must-Have Baby Items (from a mom of 4!)

If you’re newly pregnant and beginning to shop around for your sweet little babe, I know it can be overwhelming when you start looking at all the different baby items and wondering what you really need (other than diapers of course!) and what items are wants. There’s so much sweetness oozing out of very aisle […]

Furniture Finds and a HUGE Giveaway!

Part of making a house a home is the furnishings that you select. Of course, this is only part of it, but your furniture definitely plays a role in the mood you set in your home. Do you want it to look traditional, modern, cozy, trendy? I love finding unique pieces to add to my […]

A Family Tradition: Family Sabbath Meal

  We love trying out new activities as a family, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with ideas on our own. Something my son’s homeschool curriculum suggested this year is to observe a “Sabbath” meal occasionally. It has been such a meaningful experience- yet very simple- that I thought I would share.   First, […]

Crazy Easy Stacked Enchiladas

I love coming home to a crock pot meal Sundays after  church, and until recently I had completely forgotten about this particular recipe for stacked enchiladas. I used to make it often in our early (very poor!) married days when we lived off venison. This was a super cheap way to have a good, filling […]

Blogger Burnout, Plus Our Summer Recap Part 1

Wow, it is hard to believe we are already into July. I know that many moms are ready for their kiddos to be back in school, but as a homeschool mama, I want the summer to last as long as possible! We’ve been super busy so far with travelling- some planned and some not- so […]

12 Days of Christmas {Day Ten: What I Love about Christmas}

If you can’t tell from all of my previous posts, I love Christmas! I decided to do double duty today: link up with Abbie on her 5 Things about Christmas this week and blog about all the things I love most about it for our tenth day of Christmas! 5.) The food- I mentioned this […]