Bartering for Goods- It’s not a dead business

In a world where plastic is king and cash is still well-loved, you may wonder if bartering for goods exists anymore. I’m happy to tell you that I am proof that indeed it does! A few months ago, my daughter began taking gymnastics. I talked with the owner of the gym (whom we already knew […]

How to Make a Disposable Razor Last a Month (or more!)

A few months ago, I was getting really frustrated at spending tons of money on razors, and they didn’t last very long at that! I asked on Facebook (it’s the free opinion poll, y’all!) where people bought their razors and/or blades. One of my blogging friends, Lisa, mentioned how to make a disposable razor last […]

Fashion Cents: Buying new on a Budget

If you know me, you know that I love cheap, but cute, fashion! (So much, in fact, that I’m dedicating my entire year to buying only second-hand clothing!) And it’s a good thing- I came across a great new website that has inexpensive- we’re talking some items in the $7-10 range- yet high quality clothing. […]

Year of Thrift Store Shopping: Update #2

(pssst… need some beautiful prints like this one for your home? Want to help a good cause? Shop for prints in my Etsy shop and help send me to Ecuador with Compassion International! Read more about my trip here.) Well we made it through the month of January with no “cheats” on the New Years’ […]

How to Throw a Cheap Birthday Party- under $50

If you haven’t noticed a theme around here, we’ve had a grand total of three birthdays just in our house in the last two weeks! Today marks the first birthday of our fourth little sweetie, Canaan. I cannot believe a year has gone by, and what  a year it has been! Many people have asked […]

31 Days of Financial Savvy

Goodness, can you believe October is tomorrow already? Hard to believe my littlest guy will be one next month. NEXT MONTH! Crazy talk. In case you forgot what he looks like, here he is! Pretty cute, huh? (I have identical pictures of all 4 kids like this. And when I say identical, I mean identical. […]