Gifts that Take up Zero (Zilch, Nada) Room {and great deals on them!}

You guys how can it possibly be just a few days until Christmas 2016? It seems like just a few days ago we were ringing in the year with friends. This is a gift guide that I hope you’ll find useful- gifts that take up ZERO room in the home of the recipient. Since we […]

Lovely Gifts Ideas + A GINORMOUS Giveaway!

Hi there! I’ve been hinting all week that I’ve got something super fun to tell you about today- and here it is! I’ve teamed up with dozens of other bloggers to bring you gift guides of EVERY type: think home chefs, woodworkers, gifts for men, the works!- AND, we’re each hosting a giveaway worth at […]

Something exciting this way comes… + Gift Guide for Homemakers

Y’all- I’ve got something super exciting (think giveaways worth $2000+!!!) coming up at the end of this week! This whole week will be the “Week of Gift Guides” with a new gift guide almost every day since ‘Tis the Season! I LOVE Christmas time and know that the Ultimate gift was given to us on the first […]

10 Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life + $125 Giveaway!

So… you’ve got a little time to buy a gift, and your loved one is a foodie, you say. You’re not a foodie and don’t know what he/she would like, you say. Well look no further, I’ve rounded up some gifts for foodies that virtually any food-lover would adore to have! They’re all available on […]

Perfect Gifts for Outdoorsmen in Your Life

We’ve all got ’em. The person in your life that is extremely hard to buy for, but you love them so much that want to get them something! If I had to pick, I’d say that buying gifts for my dad and husband are the hardest of all. They both love the outdoors and all […]

How to get Free Bath and Body Works Products

this post contains affiliate links Like what you’re reading? Subscribe for e-mails! Click here I don’t know too many women who don’t love a trip to Bath and Body works. Delicious- smelling shower gels, luxurious scrubs, and my favorite, irresistible candles. But, the place isn’t cheap. Sure they run great sales and have coupons all […]