5 ways to get your kids involved in giving back

With 4 kids, plus fostering another one, many ways I would love to give aren’t for this exact time in my life.  I look for ways that can involve my children so that they can learn to love giving back as well, because what we teach them while they’re at home is paramount to who they become as […]

My heart is breaking…

… for so many reasons. It’s been an emotionally fraught week. I’ve cried in front of my son’s doctor, at the zoo, at a meeting, in the car, at another meeting. Yep. That about sums it up. So. much. going. on. Another earthquake in Nepal (one of my dearest friends and her husband were born […]

Operation Zipper Pouch {Giving Back}

Liz, who writes one of my favorite blogs, Behind the Scenes, came up with a great way to say thank you to our troops this Christmas season. Read the info below, and if this is something you or your family would like to share in, click on over to her website!