Faux Fried Rice Recipe

One of my very first recipes on this blog was for faux fried rice. It’s made using a surprising ingredient- shredded cauliflower! It is still one of my favorite ways to enjoy a delicious dish without too many hip-hugging carbs. I made it again last night (for dinner tonight, long story!) and got some much […]

Small Changes: Healthy Snack Ideas for your Kids

We’ve alllllmost made it to the end of 31 Days of Small Changes! So hard to believe that November is just two days away. I’m actually posting over at Houston Mother’s Blog today about healthy snack ideas for your kids. Click here to read more!

Mango-Strawberry-Orange Smoothie Recipe: Under 200 Calories

Getting more greens in my diet has been a huge goal of mine this year. I’m a super fan of sautéed kale, chard, whatever- and a few of my kids love them too. Some of my other kids, not so much. I’ve been looking for ways to include these super foods into things they already […]

Honey Seared Carrots with Rosemary

{from the archives. originally posted 9.13.2013}  Several months ago, our family visited Colorado. Canaan and I went to a women’s blogging retreat (Canaan was the only male there, & I’m so ready to go back!) before the rest of my family met me up there. I was also able to visit with some extended family […]

The Best Salad Recipe Ever!

This recipe is part of a series of 12 Days of Christmas Party Food. You can find the other posts, including Frosted Chai Sugar Cookies, by clicking here. It’s not often that I get excited about a salad. I mean, come on, when there’s cheese and chocolate and hors d’oeuvres to be had, salads just […]

A Healthier version of Soda

You met my friend Gabriella last week when she wrote about  a yummy fruit frittata. Through perusing her blog, I found a new drink recipe that is quickly becoming a favorite: Strawberry Cream Soda. I am not a fan of sparkling water or club soda on their own, but add a bit of stevia and […]