I have some French in my blood…

… or maybe I don’t. (My mom is probably wondering what in the world I’m talking about!) But after reading my friend Anita Joyce’s new book French Accents, I wish I did! From the attention-grabbing introduction (in which Anita finds out she, in fact, does have French ancestors) to the final thoughts, this book is […]

eat//peaches and cream monkey bread

(from the archives, originally posted 9.16.2013) Is there anything more delicious than biting into a fresh peach? They are probably my favorite fruit, although it’s a close race with mango. On the same note, it’s incredibly disappointing to expect to bite into a juicy peach and instead, bite into a hard and bitter piece of […]

Why is being a mom so hard?

I’ve been wondering the last oh, ten years, how mothering can be so hard. Doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home mom, work-at-home mom, or work outside the home- it’s ALL hard. So many things to manage- laundry, dishes, homework, spending time with each child, spending time with hubby, paying bills- oh my goodness, no wonder […]

letting kids be free

There are as many parenting styles as there are parents out there, and we definitely fall in the “let them work on figuring things out on their own” category. I love watching the wheels turn as they try to figure out something, and then their smiles of delight as it happens! (Or sometimes, their frustration […]

How to Care for Guests in Your Home

Thank you El Pollo Loco for sponsoring today’s post. All opinions are my own. Hi there! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are gearing up for 2015. (How can that be??) In case any of you still have house guests around, or more coming for New Years’ Eve, here are a few tips […]

Small Changes: Playing Music in the Home

I have a confession. Music is not something I naturally think about playing in our home. It always seems that there is too much noise and chaos anyway, so why add something else? But I’ve discovered that when I go through a phase of having music playing, the atmosphere is actually calmer. Now, this doesn’t […]