Today? It’s Bittersweet

Today is July 18, but you already know that. What you probably do not know is what it signifies for our family. Eleven years ago today, July 18, 2005, we handed over our 7 week old baby boy to a huge medical team for an exploratory surgery to determine if he had biliary atresia, a […]

National Biliary Atresia Awareness Day

  Today is National Biliary Atresia Awareness Day. What is biliary atresia, you ask? I certainly didn’t know what it was until our first son Landon was diagnosed with it shortly after his birth. In a nutshell, it is a liver disease in newborns that requires surgery before 12 weeks of age. Over half of […]

This guy…

… made me a mother, 8 years ago today.… made me an advocate in ways I never thought possible.… made me realize the depth of parental love.… made me learn to not give up.…. made me learn what it truly is to pray constantly.… makes me appreciate Duck Dynasty and Bass Pro. 😉…makes me question […]

My son’s first blog post- Why I’m a Miracle

As many of you know, our first son was born with biliary atresia and had surgery at almost 7 weeks old. Recently, in the homeschool writing class he attends, his teacher asked them to write a story about a miracle. Landon decided to write about his surgery. I dare you to read this and not […]

I Hate Houston!-the trail to church planting 2

I shared last week about the beginning steps of our journey in church planting. I was so blessed by all the sweet comments you left! Church planting is definitely ever-evolving and encouragement is always welcomed!After Landon had his surgery, we spent 8 days in the hospital for recovery. A few hours before we were supposed […]