How your Marriage *Can* Survive a Storm

With so many marriages- even Christian ones- falling apart, how can we protect our marriage when tough times hit? I wanted to share today something I wrote several years ago but is so applicable today.  When couples stand before their friends and families on their wedding day and pledge to love one another “for better […]

Is appreciation really an art?

 I think that it is. Like any art, it takes time to cultivate.  It takes intention. It takes practice and sometime, it takes sacrifice. And what better time to begin refining the art of appreciation than in the month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving? I think that by default, many of us are complainers. (raises hand) […]

10 things to ignore in order to have a healthy marriage

Hi friends and welcome back to Marriage Monday. I’m so happy to have Becky Mansfield from Your Modern Family here today guest posting for me about things to ignore in order to have a healthy marriage. I love learning new things about marriage from other people and I know you will too! Read the other […]

Marriage Monday: encouraging one another in marriage

Are you a wife or a husband? Do you hope to be a wife (or husband) someday? Would you like to hear from others on how to be a better spouse, either now or in the future? Then my new series, Marriage Monday, is for you! The topic of healthy marriage has been on my heart […]

When Little Hearts Give Big

Today’s post is a personal story. No fancy pictures. No SEO tactics. Just a sweet story about my older daughter Allie. Parenting is oh-so-hard and I honestly feel like I’m failing in some way about 90% of the time. I’m not as patient as I should be, I’m more distracted than I should be. I don’t […]

What I learned about contentment from my 3 year old

Now let me start off by saying, my 3 year old is not always content. In fact, yesterday, he threw a fit (in church no less) because I broke his granola bar in half. The audacity of me! But the other day I took him and his 3 siblings to Toys’r’Us to use gift cards […]