How Have I Not Shown You This?!?

If there’s something my husband I know allllll about, it’s remodeling a kitchen. We’ve done it twice from the bare walls to completed kitchen, and I have to say we got much better at it between the first and second time. 😉 I loved designing the kitchen we’ve had since November in our farmhouse– it’s […]

Moving Tips

Good morning! Today I’m happy to have my friend Sharon sharing her moving tips with us. After moving in November, I’ll be happy if I never move again (ha!) but these simple tips are really good for those of you planning a move in the future. Here’s Sharon—> Hi, Eat Pray Read Love friends! I’m so […]

I have some French in my blood…

… or maybe I don’t. (My mom is probably wondering what in the world I’m talking about!) But after reading my friend Anita Joyce’s new book French Accents, I wish I did! From the attention-grabbing introduction (in which Anita finds out she, in fact, does have French ancestors) to the final thoughts, this book is […]

How to Work With What You’ve Got

One of my favorite hobbies (much to my husband’s chagrin) is upcycling furniture. (I’m one of those people who sends my husband to the curb on trash day to pick up people’s discards so I can make them pretty!) We’ve done several pieces over the last few years and it just feels good to put a new coat […]

Creating Personalized Gallery Walls in 5 Easy Steps

One of my favorite aspects of decor in our home are the two gallery walls I have. There’s one in our living room and and one on our stairwell and I just love how personalized I can make them. Here is how my stairwell looked before: Overwhelming with character, huh? I only had three of […]

Dresser Do-Over: I Got my Teal!

If you’re visiting from Money Saving Mom today, welcome! I am so glad you stopped by. If you’re a regular reader, check out my post on MSM on how to get maternity clothes for cheap. I’m a pro by now! I mentioned a few weeks ago in this post that teal was my favorite color, […]