The progress continues…

If you’ve been following along the last few weeks, you’ll remember that my husband and I are re-doing the outside area just to the right of our house. Here’s a reminder of the before: This area has AMAZING trees (the one on the left is a live oak and on the right? A magnolia. Be […]

My Favorite Cleaning Tip (and a free gift!)

Happy Tuesday! (Be sure to read to the end for a free gift for everyone! Good until July 24, 2016) I’ve missed you all! We took a 12 day vacation (can’t wait to tell you all about it!) and I hardly looked at my computer or phone and it was amazing. But now I’m ready to […]

Service with a Smile

Remember a few weeks ago I said we were getting ready to spruce up this area by the front of our house? Several of you weighed in with opinions on Facebook as to what we should do with the area. Thanks for that y’all! I like hearing your ideas because many times you’ll throw out […]

Outdoor Sprucin’ Up Time!

As most of you know, we bought and (at lightning speed) remodeled a 1950s farmhouse last fall. We’ve spent the majority of our time (and money) on the interior- walls and a ceiling are important, ya know- but now we’re moving to the exterior. I really love the area right outside our front door. When […]

Moving Tips

Good morning! Today I’m happy to have my friend Sharon sharing her moving tips with us. After moving in November, I’ll be happy if I never move again (ha!) but these simple tips are really good for those of you planning a move in the future. Here’s Sharon—> Hi, Eat Pray Read Love friends! I’m so […]

Thanksgiving Free Printable: Give Thanks

Some days, giving thanks is much harder than others. But choosing to look at our blessings each day- and we all have them- is vital to a grateful heart. Whether this Thanksgiving it’s easy to give thanks, or your having to dig deep to show gratitude, I pray that you are able to find something […]