Creating a Culture of Hospitality

Hospitality is a biblical subject that has always fascinated me. Are Christians expected to be hospitable? The answer is yes! I’ve loved exploring the topic throughout the Scriptures on the topic and realizing that the Bible says the words “one to another,” “together,” and “shared” SO many times. It’s hard to live life like that without being hospitable! […]

That time he shared on She Shares

I got to meet my friends Sarah and Rebecca of at our bloggers retreat and they were so sweet to invite hubby and I to share about our church planting story on their brand new radio show, Portraits of Faith.We were cracking up because my hubby is going to be on a show called […]

The Closet Project: Help Human Trafficking Victims

So. I’ve had this idea brewing in my mind for over a month now. Here’s how it started: I was heading to the shower one Sunday morning before church. As I walked by the couch, one of my jackets was lying there. A jacket I never wear- I’m not even sure how it got in […]