Is appreciation really an art?

 I think that it is. Like any art, it takes time to cultivate.  It takes intention. It takes practice and sometime, it takes sacrifice. And what better time to begin refining the art of appreciation than in the month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving? I think that by default, many of us are complainers. (raises hand) […]

5 Ways to Show Love

Hi my dear readers! We’re closing in on Valentine’s Day- I am sure some of you are excited about the day, some are ambivalent, and some of you might be dreading the day. Whatever your feelings on February, I think it’s safe to say that all of us are looking for ways to show love […]

Sometimes I Cry at Sonic

Last Thursday, I had a mom’s night out planned with a few friends. I handed the kids off to hubby around 5:30 after my girls’ gymnastics class so they could head to Bible study. I didn’t have to be at the restaurant until 8, so I swung by Sonic to get a drink before I […]

the encouragement project: how can I help parents of a seriously ill child?

Hi friends, and welcome to the fourth (!) week already of the Encouragement Project. (If you’re new, go here to read what this series is all about.) Ten years ago yesterday, I left my 6 week old baby on a table as he slowly drifted into sleep in order for a doctor to perform a liver biopsy on […]

The Encouragement Project: Week 3

I recently started doing a series called “the encouragement project” where I give everyone {including myself} ideas on how to encourage a particular group of people in our lives. Of course, encouraging anyone at anytime is great, this just gives us a specific time each week to evaluate if we are encouraging anybody! This week, […]

No “Unsend” Option

I don’t know how many of you remember using AOL mail back in the day. (confession, I still have an AOL email that I use! My brother makes fun of me regularly for that!) But when it was really popular and everyone had it because it was basically the only option, there was an “unsend” […]