Part 2: JOY!

Wednesdays’s post was about exhibiting the fruits of the spirit as Christians. Today, we’re discussing practical ways to exhibit joy. Read yesterday’s post here. We can set a great example by exhibiting Joy in “being”– this is simply having a good attitude when things don’t go our way, or as we planned them. I wonder […]

No Other gods Before me

The other morning, I was doing my Bible study for BSF. If you haven’t heard of BSF, I highly encourage you to check it out here. I did 1.5 years of the study a long time ago, and just started up again with the study of Moses. So back to the other morning. I was […]

the answer is YES!

(from the archives. originally posted 7.10.2012) As I have said before, I (un-biasedly!) think my hubby is both an excellent preacher and pastor. Every week, he spends hours and hours studying, writing, researching, and praying over each and every sermon. Last week, he preached about God keeping his promises. One of the verses Ben used […]

a hodgepodge of goodness, including my book!

Hi there! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Ben and I, due to the generosity of a sweet friend, were able to attend the Houston Symphony on Saturday night. The music was absolutey beautiful- the talent of those musicians blew me away! So I have a few things to share I hope you’ll find exciting…. […]

My son’s first blog post- Why I’m a Miracle

As many of you know, our first son was born with biliary atresia and had surgery at almost 7 weeks old. Recently, in the homeschool writing class he attends, his teacher asked them to write a story about a miracle. Landon decided to write about his surgery. I dare you to read this and not […]

//6 weeks, 6 days- the trail of church planting

  I am feeling led to write several posts sharing our church planting story over the next few weeks. I haven’t talked a whole lot about it on the blog, but it is definitely a pivotal part of who I am and our lives as a family. Today our sweet Canaan (whom my hubby has […]