Ooey Gooey S’mores Cookies

The other night, my daughter had a friend over. Granted, this friend is closer to my age than hers, and we had a fun time all hanging out. We wanted to make a dessert and s’mores came up, and also the idea of cookies. Allie, who’s 8, had the genius idea of s’mores cookies! We […]

eat//peaches and cream monkey bread

(from the archives, originally posted 9.16.2013) Is there anything more delicious than biting into a fresh peach? They are probably my favorite fruit, although it’s a close race with mango. On the same note, it’s incredibly disappointing to expect to bite into a juicy peach and instead, bite into a hard and bitter piece of […]

Super Easy S’mores Pops

Last week, I signed up to bring snacks to our community group, and my daughter Evie and I decided we wanted to do something really fun for a treat. Since we had all the ingredients on-hand, we quickly decided that S’Mores pops would be fun- and tasty! I love s’mores in pretty much any shape, […]

Peanut Butter Fudge No Bake Cookies

Once upon a time, I said I was going to make No Bake Cookies. Hubby looked disappointed. Then he ate about 4. The end. I made just one modification to this simple recipe that I’ve loved since my mom was making them for me as a kid- one secret ingredient that makes them extra fudge-y. […]

Cranberry and Dark Chocolate Mug Brownie

Hi there! Hope you’re staying warm today- it’s a blustery 39 degrees here in Houston! I decided that something yummy, warm and chocolate-y sounded good for a mid-morning snack (when doesn’t that sound good?) but didn’t have a whole lot of time to spare. So I whipped up this Cranberry and Dark Chocolate Mug Brownie. […]

Chocolate Almond Scones

A few weeks ago, I got on a scone-making craze. I made one flavor, then another, and another one is on the agenda soon. They’re just so yummy- not too sweet but yet still fills that sweet craving. This one was my family’s favorite so far- what’s not to like about dark chocolate and toasted […]