50 Recipes That Don’t Require an Oven

People, it is HOT in Texas. Like I’m allowing-my-kids-to-watch-too-much-TV-because-it’s-too-hot-to-go-outside hot. And I know that the last thing anyone wants to do when it’s already hot is turn on the oven to heat up the kitchen even more. So I’ve combed out some of the best recipes I could find- 50+ recipes that don’t require an […]

Sausage Cheddar Scones

I spent the weekend at a food blogger conference (more on that soon!) and I came home in a baking mood like no other, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make. About this time last year, I got on a scone-making kick. Chocolate-almond scones, cranberry scones, scones for days. I decided this morning, now […]

Chocolate-Walnut LaraBar recipe

from the archives- originally posted 4.3.2014 A few weeks ago I shared one of my new favorite recipes- 2-Ingredient Peanut Butter Lara Bar bites. I did some experimenting that day with another flavor combination of a LaraBar recipe. While the peanut butter version was my favorite (I love peanut butter if you can’t tell- check […]

Perfect Rosemary Cheese Bites

I don’t know what makes these little rosemary cheese bites so addictive, but they totally are. Anytime I make a variation of this bread for guests, or take them to a party, they are G-O-N-E. I am quite sure they should be accountable for at least one inch on my waist. And the ways to […]

Super Easy S’mores Pops

Last week, I signed up to bring snacks to our community group, and my daughter Evie and I decided we wanted to do something really fun for a treat. Since we had all the ingredients on-hand, we quickly decided that S’Mores pops would be fun- and tasty! I love s’mores in pretty much any shape, […]

Brown Butter Chex Mix

Hi there! Hope your December is going wonderfully. Us? Well we’re looking forward to celebrating the birth of Christ with my family next week, and are enjoying lots of traditions along the way. Here’s a snapshot from our church service last week: I seriously think I’ve gained 5 pounds the last 5 weeks with all […]