The progress continues…

If you’ve been following along the last few weeks, you’ll remember that my husband and I are re-doing the outside area just to the right of our house. Here’s a reminder of the before: This area has AMAZING trees (the one on the left is a live oak and on the right? A magnolia. Be […]

Service with a Smile

Remember a few weeks ago I said we were getting ready to spruce up this area by the front of our house? Several of you weighed in with opinions on Facebook as to what we should do with the area. Thanks for that y’all! I like hearing your ideas because many times you’ll throw out […]

The anatomy of a {home}school room/ before

Last month, I was able to attend a homeschool convention for the first time. I learned SO much and highly recommend attending a convention if you want to homeschool/do homeschool/ wonder what it’s all about. I really wish I’d gone four years ago (how can that be???) when I first started. Now if you’re like me, […]