encouraging your pastor

Happy Monday everyone! It’s time for one of my favorite posts of the week- the next “encouragement project” installment. Last Monday I was on a roadtrip with my roommate from college and didn’t get this published first- I can’t wait to post all about our trip! My mind has been in a constant state of mentally […]

the encouragement project: how can I help parents of a seriously ill child?

Hi friends, and welcome to the fourth (!) week already of the Encouragement Project. (If you’re new, go here to read what this series is all about.) Ten years ago yesterday, I left my 6 week old baby on a table as he slowly drifted into sleep in order for a doctor to perform a liver biopsy on […]

The Encouragement Project: Week 3

I recently started doing a series called “the encouragement project” where I give everyone {including myself} ideas on how to encourage a particular group of people in our lives. Of course, encouraging anyone at anytime is great, this just gives us a specific time each week to evaluate if we are encouraging anybody! This week, […]

the encouragement project- week 2

Happy Monday everyone! I’m excited about Week 2 of The Encouragement Project! What is this encouragement project, you ask? Fair question, with a very simple answer.   The last few weeks we have been exploring ways to encourage others. I am so excited to continue this series- I hope that you are able to find someone new […]

The Encouragement Project- Week 1

Welcome to week 1 of the Encouragement Project! (Not sure what the Encouragement Project is? Read all about it here!) Today I want to focus on children. If you have your own- practice on them. If not, find another child to encourage! I assure you, your efforts will not go in vain. I think I’m […]

the encouragement project: week 5- those who have lost a child

Today’s topic really, really weighs heavily on my heart. As you may know, October15th  is National Infant Loss Awareness Day. I have not personally experienced either, and I do not pretend to know the devastation that comes from losing a child. For some reason, however, God has placed the women who have lost a child […]