Spicy Christmas Crackers

Hi guys and welcome back to 25 Days of All Things Christmas! I hope you enjoy this delicious Christmas appetizer- it’s super easy and I always leave with an empty bowl!     (originally posted 12.14.2012 I’m not nursing any babies right now 😉 ) Oh, how I love Christmas food! I have been wanting […]

Having a Baby Without Breaking the Bank

Oh, baby! Those little bundles of joy can cost a small fortune, and that’s just getting them home from the hospital! After having 4 children, I have found a few ways to lessen the financial strain in different areas.   What is the first thing most women want to buy when they *suspect* that they […]

His Joy Comes in the Morning

From the archives: originally posted Sept 19, 2011 God has been doing a work in me lately- specifically concerning the different ways we live out our faith. I have always been in church, been saved since I was eight, and I am married to a preacher man. But I have really been thinking lately about […]

Creamy Jalapeño and Bacon Soup

from the archives. Originally posted Feb 29, 2012 Note: this soup is not Whole 30 compliant but works great for low-carb/ sugar-restricted diets Last night I made Creamy Jalapeño Soup. I am on a low-sugar eating plan right now, and not eating much flour either. This is one of our favorite meals when I am […]

5 minutes, 11 seconds

(source) (this post was originally from 8-6-2012. But I thought it fit in nicely with my “small changes” challenge this month. The challenge? Consider where you’re putting your time! Those seconds turn into hours into days into years!) I have been 100% committed (addicted??) to watching the Olympics this year- partly because I’m loving it […]

Five Steps To be a Hero to a Child this Christmas Season

{This post is from 2011, but it’s something we do each year. Your child and your child can be a hero!} Welcome to day 6 of Making Small Changes! (If you’re new, click here for the explanation of this series!) Today, I want to challenge us to make small changes in our way of thinking […]