Do you ever feel like you’re losing it?

Y’all. This weekend. It was something. I went to my friend Kati’s house Friday night to catch up. She ran out to grab us dinner. In the 45 minutes she was gone, my daughter Allie and I BOTH ended up sick.
ith two different illnesses. Allie’s throat and ears were hurting and she was burning with fever. (We found out later it’s tonsillitis- she’s still sick, poor thing) I had a headache that I thought would go away when I ate. It did recede a little, then came back later with a vengeance.

Oh, and my husband was out of town. Of course! My sweet friend offered to keep all the kids besides Allie so we could go home and sleep. By 11 pm, I was throwing up (yep the headache turned into a migraine) and Allie was truly miserable. I finally fell asleep around 3 a.m.

On top of that, my house was (is?) a wreck because I somehow damaged a nerve in my arm and have been trying to rest if because a) it hurts like crazy and b) I’m trying to rest it.

And we were in the midst of praying and making a huge decision this weekend. I thought I was going to lose it!

It’s crazy how the enemy can use common things like illness and use them to distract us from what we’re supposed to be doing.
When I get stressed, I get snappy. Reallll snappy. And I don’t like that about myself- at all. (My family isn’t crazy about it either!) It’s not how I’m supposed to respond, no matter how
stressed I am. (You know, all that love is patient stuff 😉 )

That’s why I’m glad the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle addresses this issue in two products: Minding Your Mouth: A Biblical Study on Taming the Tongue and The Temper Toolkit: How to Take Control of Your Temper Before You Lose it!

Just knowing that I’m not alone in this helps so much. The daily demands of life with 5 kids is well, sometimes overwhelming. But I also know that how I speak to them will affect them the rest of their lives. So getting my tongue and temper under control is of utmost importance to me.

TODAY is your last chance to grab this incredible bundle. BONUS: If you buy it today using my affiliate link, I’ll send you a free e-version of my book as well- His Grace is Enough. (Just forward me your receipt!)

I’ll send one more e-mail late tonight to remind you! But grab it now so you can start reading! Buying this bundle through me helps support this blog, and our growing family! Thank you so very much.



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