{eat} In a Pinch Crock Pot Meals

This post about crockpot meals is from the archives. It’s one of my highest-viewed posts of all times so I wanted to bring it back! I rounded up a few recipes for you- including a free printable! The idea is to print this off, stick it on your fridge or wherever your keep recipes, then you have a few easy meals that are prepped in about 15 minutes or less.

Don’t miss a single recipe

from Eat Pray {Read} Love!

Originally posted 2-11-2013: Last week was pretty heavy emotionally on the blog- with posts on both human trafficking and pediatric liver disease. (written by my 7 year old son!) This is my birthday week, so I thought I’d start off this week with one of my favorite topics- food!

crockpot meals
 I love, love my crockpot. (Isn’t this one so cute!) Crock pot meals are so comforting! It makes meats so very tender and I love smelling the food cooking all day! (I just have to be on top of things enough to thaw out meat the night before AND get it in the crock pot in the morning! ha!)
All of these are regulars around our house. Hope you’ll enjoy them too!
This sausage potato soup is ridiculously easy! Find the recipe for it- and 2 others- on a handy free printable!

*the Texas Style ribs are an adaptation of Paula Deen’s Texas-Style Brisket. I basically just swapped out the meat and cook in the crockpot instead of the oven.- either style is SO very good! Thanks to my friend Fabia for sharing it with me!


What’s your favorite crockpot meal?