How I {Finally} Started to Make Money Blogging: Part 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called, “How I Finally Started Making Money Blogging.” It quickly became the #2 most-popular post of  all time on my blog- and I’ve been blogging for 2 and a half years! Surprisingly enough, people want to learn how to make money! 😉

How I Finally Started Making Money Blogging- Part 2 Practical Steps for the new blogger!

I really enjoyed the feedback on the post and love hearing tips from others as well. I quickly decided that another post was in order!

Without further ado, Here are a few more tips that have helped me earn a little bit of blogging income:

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4.) Switch to WordPress if you’re on blogger.

Seriously. I was a die-hard Blogger fan for many years, but after attending Blog Elevated in September, I decided to make the switch. Why, you ask? For one, if you are on Blogger, you don’t own your content, Blogger does. When you are on (make sure it’s the .org and not the .com), you own everything! I use BlueHost for my hosting and have not had a moment’s trouble- plus it’s very affordable.

Plus, WordPress makes it a little easier to figure out SEO. A little. :) While I’ll never fully understand SEO, (will anyone?) WP has a tool that lets me see how SEO friendly my particular blog post is. And it’s super easy. If you’re looking to switch but don’t think you want to figure out doing it yourself, Blogelina has a great Blogger-to-Wordpress transfer kit, which includes a full year of free hosting!

Turn Your Blog Into Cash!

5.) Pinterest is Your Friend

For real. I’m sure most of you know that Pinterest is quickly rising in popularity, so much that it may even exceed FaceBook’s pageviews in the next year or so! So, where do you want to spend your time and effort on social media? It’s Pinterest, kids!

(Not to mention, FB only shows your posts to a tiny percentage of your page fans, while your Pinterest posts show to all of your followers!)

If you want to know the honest truth listen up: Over half of my traffic comes from Pinterest. Almost every single day. That, my friends, is reason to pay attention to Pinterest!

So how can your grow your Pinterest following? There are tons of blog posts on this topic alone, but here’s a short rundown:

Pin your stuff often. Yes, pin your own blog posts. A lot. Make lots of new boards so that you can pin each blog post to several different boards. (For example, pin your recipe for BBQ ribs to a board for BBQ, one for main dishes, and one for the “best recipes you’ve ever tasted!” or something along those lines) I’ve found that pinning items late at night produces the greatest results, so I’ll always pin a few things before I go to bed each night, plus a few more during the day. You can also pin posts that you wrote a long time ago but were popular- this is a good way to get those old posts back into the light!

Pin other people’s stuff too. You don’t want to only pin your own stuff. Although blogging is a bit, um, inherently about one’s own blog, showcase other bloggers’ stuff, too! Share the love! You’ll probably end up with a few new friends, too.

Make “pin-worthy” images. This is one of those buzz words that has popped up in the blogging world lately, but it’s SO helpful in getting your blog posts re-pinned (and ultimately, leads to page views and hopefully long-term readers.) Look at the difference in the two images below:



vs this:

rosemary parmesan mac'n'cheese

See how the editing, cropping, and adding pretty wording to it changed the look entirely? The second image is definitely more likely to get pinned. (Oh, and if you want this recipe, you can find it here!)

Okay, so this one tip is starting to be a blog post of its own. :) Be on the lookout for part 3- I see it coming!

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How I finally started making money through blogging... and you can too! Helpful hints from Kelli at Part 2

About Kelli Hays

Kelli Hays is a wife, mother, writer, and friend. She has been blogging since 2008 and loves sharing inspiration for the everyday woman!


  1. Hi, Kelli, I am still on Blogger but I’m beginning to think that Blogger blogs look like hobby blogs and WordPress blogs look more professional but one thing I wanted to know. Did you notice an increase in page views after you switched to Word Press? Thanks for this article. Linda at Crafts a la Mode

  2. Hi,
    I have a question about wordpress. How do you know if you are using the .org version. When I went to the .org version it was just a bunch or info on how to create a blog and a download. In order for me to get to my dashboard I have to go to Does that meant that I did it wrong. How do I know and how do I fix it if I messed up?

  3. I’m with GumTreeGirl, how do you know? I signed up with BlueHost, but I still have com on the end vs. org.

    I agree though. I have had quite an increase in traffic since switching over to WP. I’m still working on Pinterest. I’ve found some helpful appa for photo editing for my tablet. Thankfully, my laptop is in working order again. It is so hard to do design stuff on a tablet. :/

  4. Great tips, thanks! Do you have to pay for

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am new at blogging and have been frustrated over the process of figuring it all out and one of the things that has helped me NOT to give up is inspirational people like you.

  6. I’m wondering why I couldn’t just use a website (WiX) versus WordPress (which takes some skill to use)? Especially if I plan to have an online shop. Can you please provide the pros and cons. Thanks!


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