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Our dog Harley, whom we adopted last year from the animal shelter, is very much a part of our family. She watches out for the kids when they’re playing outside and sleeps at the bottom of the stairs, right by our front door, at night. She makes me feel so much safer when Ben is out of town.

Purina One

Harley is very lady-like :)

There’s only one problem with this gal (besides the fact she chewed up EVERYTHING we owned the first few months we had her!) and that is that she is a much more finicky eater than her predecessor Harvey. (Yes, their names really are only one letter difference and eys that causes confusion sometimes. :) )We had Harvey for over 12 years and he would truly eat ANYTHING, from rib bones to any brand of dog food to watermelon rinds. Yes, we are those people who give our dogs table scraps occasionally.

Purina One

On our vacation last year, she spent the last 20 minutes of the 8-hour drive in my lap looking at the ocean!

Well enter Harley. Her second night at our house, she turned her nose up at a hot dog. A grilled hot dog! Now I don’t personally love them but I’ve never seen a dog shy away from meat! We should have known then we were in for a treat. 😉

The last year, we’ve bought about every brand of dog food you can imagine, and she just doesn’t like it. When we were on our sabbatical in May, I finally decided to try one I hadn’t before, Purina One. We did their 28-Day challenge to see if we could get her some food she liked- and she did!

Purina One

When you homeschool, you can take your dog to school!

We are relieved to have finally found something she enjoys eating, and I’m sure she’s happy as well! She really is part of our family.

harley dog food

You can also register your own dog for the 28-Day challenge (sign up here) and see for yourself all the benefits of Purina One. Before you head out to try Purina One for your own furry friend, be sure to print out this $3 coupon!

Do you have a dog? What’s your favorite thing about him or her?

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  1. I’m definitely going to register! My boston terrier is a super picky eater so this could be a good idea. My dog will be 1 in July and this past year has been an adventure of what she will destroy in the house : from tearing up carpet in rooms to getting on the table and eating packets of ketchup!

  2. We live in an apartment, so no dog yet…but we are really looking forward to adding onto our family someday!

  3. No dogs here, but we do have two cats. And it’s amazing how there are brands they like better than others! (My cats actually eat Purina cat food!)

  4. Wow..a dog turning away from a hot dog! That’s crazy… We used to have a dog and that dog would eat anything and everything.. even non food items.

  5. We have a cat who thinks he’s a dog…. would he be a good candidate for the challenge? HAHA. Anyway, glad that Harley has become less finicky from the challenge – that’s always a great thing!!

  6. Isn’t it crazy how dogs can be so different from one another? My puppy is a picky eater too! Unless its cat food… she LOVES cat food! The little Weirdo!