Grace-Based Friendship- A Tale 32 Years in the Making

Today is my life-long best friend Tasha’s birthday. I say life-long in all honesty- she is in fact my cousin, and we probably met when I was less than a few days old. Our moms are sisters, and we lived in the same town our whole lives until I moved away 4 years ago (sniff, sniff).

Tasha and I with our daughters
There are many, many aspects of our relationship that I love- for example, we can go a week or two without talking and then send each other a random text that will make the other bust out laughing. It could just be a word or two of an inside joke, but we both get it.

We have walked with each other through some hard stuff. The diagnosis of my son, the death of her husband. Raising kids- she has four and I will have four  in a few months.
One of my very favorite things about our friendship, I would have to say, is the lack of drama. We have been friends for-evah and guess how many arguments we have had? O.N.E. Remember, this friendship took us through the tumultuous teenage years and somehow, we just never dealt with the issues that lots of girl friendships encounter.
So I am sure you want to hear about our one fight, right? She was staying at my house when we were about 11 and 12. She had a Game Boy (yes, the original!) and we didn’t have any kind of video games at our house. I was playing on it and promised her I would play just “one more time” because she wanted to do something else. Well after my  “one more time” I proceeded to play again, and we got into an argument about it. If I remember correctly, we didn’t talk too much for several weeks. Such a petty thing but it was a big deal to us! I remember being extremely hurt over the whole ordeal, and I’m sure she was, too.
I remember in church one Sunday she wrote me a note that said she wanted to end the argument and immediately things went back to normal. And we never argued again.
Now, does that mean I haven’t gotten on her nerves or made her upset? Most likely not. But she has a beautiful thing called grace. Even if I do something that she doesn’t love, she overlooks it because our friendship is so much more important than a petty argument. I am so thankful for her. Friends have come and gone in my life, but she has been a constant. 

Do you have a friend like this? I know that 32-year friendships are pretty uncommon- especially in people my age- but a friend you can depend on no matter what? Are you a friend that can be trusted and give grace? Thank God for your friends right now, and I’d love to hear about your friendships in the comments!
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