Grilled Cheese Bar

I’m excited to have another guest post in my Grilled Cheese Extravaganza series! (If you missed last week’s, you must check it out!)
Camille from Colorado Springs Tours is showing us how her family does grilled cheese night: a grilled cheese bar! How fun is that?

grilled cheese bar

Who doesn’t love a nice grilled cheese sandwich on gloomy day? That would be some of my kids. It seems like a kid proof meal but there is always something. Instead of getting frustrated, we expanded the menu to a Grilled Cheese Bar.

 grilled cheese bar

It wasn’t that they didn’t like Grilled Cheese; they didn’t like that cheese or that bread. Now, I get different types of breads, cheeses, even meats and spread it out on the table. Everyone makes their own sandwich which means everyone is happy. They even choose what butter to put on top- regular butter or garlic butter. When each person is done assembling their sandwich, he gives it to a parent to cook on the electric skillet.

grilled cheese bar

That’s it. I like it because it’s so simple to put together, it’s easy for everyone to get what they want, and most of all, there is no complaining.


How do you like your Grilled Cheese? My favorite is Colby Jack cheese, spinach, turkey bacon and Italian dressing on the outside instead of butter.


meflowersCamille blogs at Colorado Springs Tours and Reviews where she and her family love discovering their town one tour at a time. She loves having fun with her kids, eating chocolate, and, of course, blogging. You can also follow her on Pinterest to see more great ideas.

Thanks Camille! Our family looks forward to trying a grilled cheese bar very soon!

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  1. This is brilliant! Grilled cheese (all the varieties !) is my very favorite thing. Love this idea!

  2. I have used this idea to entertain before. It is a fantastic way to get people talking and mingling as well as getting people to try new-to-them combinations like turkey, brie, & cranberry or bacon, Swiss, and apple butter. Thanks for the reminder…I must pull this idea out of my bag of tricks again soon. :)

    • ooh, brie and cranberry and bacon? you’re speaking my language! thanks for stopping by!