My new best friend

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Our family loves adventuring together- just this year we have traveled to Colorado and Arkansas together- road-tripping both times! We love exploring the outdoors, finding new parks, and going on walks together.


(At the top of Pike’s Peak. Some of us were happier than others to be there. :))

One adventure I don’t love doing together, at least with everyone, is going to the grocery store! Enter my new best friend. Not the flesh-and-blood, text-back-and-forth all day kind (though those are surely awesome!) but one that helps this mama out on a busy week. With 5 kids, homeschooling, kids in various sports, ministry at our church, and life in general, going to the grocery store is constantly put on the back burner. I don’t want to take 5 kids with me (that doesn’t sound like a good idea ever- ha!) , but I also don’t want to leave when the whole family is together.

I began using H-E-B Curbside Pickup last week and oh my word. I ordered groceries, (oh yes I did!) waited a few hours, then loaded up the kids (didn’t have to unbuckle any carseats, can I get an amen?), picked up my groceries, and was back home in 25 minutes! They offer pick up times from 7:30 A.M.- 9 p.m.

Heb curbside order

The curbside service went incredibly smoothly. I pulled up, texted them that I was there, and the employees were out the door in about 2 minutes. One of the ladies explained that they were out of a few items and had me sign the receipt while the other one loaded up my goods.

HEB curbside

We called these nice ladies the grocery ninjas. They literally had my trunk filled up in about 45 seconds! HEB curbside service review

You can see three of the four kids that are currently in the car now :) The kids and I were on our way home so quickly.


That night, we feasted on delicious grilled steaks and veggies I had picked up earlier that day. I totally surprised hubby- he knew I didn’t go to the store with all the kids so he was very excited to see steak in the fridge! Click here if you want to meet my new best friend and see if HEB Curbside is in your local store!

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