How to Rock a Juice Cleanse

Shortly following my Whole30 in January, I began considering doing a short-term detox diet. I began researching which detox diet might be best and settled upon a 24 hour juice cleanse. The super nice folks at Snap Kitchen in Houston (the Montrose location) were so nice to supply me with my juice for the day. I loved their juice program because you get around 1200 calories throughout the day, rather than virtually starving yourself.

Tips for rocking your juice cleanse/ detox diet

I didn’t really know what to expect as far as results go- I’ve never really done anything like this before- but YOU GUYS. My mental clarity that day was awesome. I was editing an e-book for one of my clients and needed to focus, focus, focus. And let me tell you, I was able to power through over 6 hours of straight-on editing with zero problem. That alone made the cleanse worth it!

I also weighed in at about 2 pounds lighter the next day- I certainly didn’t hate that! 😉

There are a few things I jotted down that day that I think would make the juice cleanse a little easier. I’d love to hear in the comments if you’ve done a juice cleanse and what you thought of it!

Tips for a successful Juice Cleanse

1.) Start early in the day

A juice cleanse, especially the Snap Kitchen program, clearly involves LOTS of juice. I made the mistake of not getting started until around 10:30 a.m. so I didn’t finish every single bottle of delicious juice, so I saved the rest for the next morning. (Which I guess means I technically did a 36 hour juice cleanse. 😉 )

2.) Have some raw, unsalted nuts around

Although the idea is to only consume juice for the day, the guys at Snap Kitchen assured me that eating a handful of nuts if I got ravenous was okay- just make sure they are raw, unsalted, and definitely no sugar! A little protein goes a long way in making it through the cleanse. I literally felt full all day.

3.) A variety of juice is key!

I loved that Snap Kitchen offers so many delicious options for the juice cleanse- my favorite was the Far East Turmeric Elixir. I didn’t really know what to expect with a drink with turmeric in it but it was so delicious and I’ve found myself craving it! The Chai Cashew Milkshake was also really flavorful and creamy- a good ending to the day!

juice snap kitchen

4.) Don’t do any heavy exercise

This is not the day to do Cross Fit or anything like that. Give your body a little rest- go for a walk if you want to do something- and pick up with your regular exercise in the next few days.

I loved the juice cleanse and am excited about doing it again soon! If you haven’t done one, be sure to check out Snap Kitchen if you have one in your city. The juice was truly fresh and delicious!

Tips for rocking your juice cleanse/ detox diet

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