“I’m Bored” Free Printable

Hi there! Hard to believe another weekend of summer is in the books. It was pretty busy for us, with a basketball game, swimming at the YMCA, a welcome home party for a missionary friend from our church, going to church, and hosting a baby shower at our house. Today we have friends from our hometown coming to visit as well. No time for boredom for us this week!

(This post is from 2014 but I still love this printable!) Speaking of boredom, I read this post last year about a brilliant blog mom who created an acronym for the word BORED for her children to use during summer. The kids have to do each of the items on the checklist before they whine that they’re bored, or even watch TV. (Yes, I’m mean!)  I created a free printable for you guys to use if you’ve got little ones at home too this summer. (Actually, mine are mostly home year-round, so I’ll be keeping this up for their convenience after school hours!)

Are you BORED? summer activity chart

(click here to print)

It really has worked well this summer for us. I’ve heard very little “I’m bored” complaints from my kids. Allie is too busy creating businesses and planning parties (all in her bedroom or our playhouse outside) for that! And Landon is newly fascinated with basketball, so he’s been teaching himself to dribble, etc. Canaan loves to play in his Little Tykes car outside. (And also? He’s too young to complain so far!) Evie is my main one that doesn’t love to be outside so we’ve been reading lots of books.

So how’s your summer going?


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  1. This is a really cute idea! It definitely keeps children accountable to doing the things that must be done before making a declaration that they are bored!