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Good morning! Today I’m happy to have my friend Sharon sharing her moving tips with us. After moving in November, I’ll be happy if I never move again (ha!) but these simple tips are really good for those of you planning a move in the future.

Here’s Sharon—> Hi, Eat Pray Read Love friends! I’m so excited to hang out with you today. Actually, I love any chance I get to hang out with Kelli, even if it’s online.

Our paths crossed online at least a few years ago and then we eventually met in person at a Blog Conference.

Several months ago when Kelli started sharing pictures on Facebook of the farmhouse they were planning to buy, I invited myself to come see the house and offered to help with the move…and she let me. :)

profile picture porch rocker

On my first visit, I got to see the remodeling in progress and catch the vision for what the house would look like finished. It was so exciting! The next time I would visit would be to help Kelli create a decorating plan for the house and to help her get started.

sharon hines

Sharon’s first visit to our house!

After walking through the house and hearing Kelli’s plans for each room, we got to work. My goal that day was to take as much of the burden of moving and unpacking from Kelli as I could, or at least share it with her. I also wanted to give her momentum to keep going in the coming days.

farmhouse flip living room

Our new living room- Sharon gave me so many tips for decorating!

With that move so fresh for Kelli and her family and with the moving season just around the corner, I thought I’d share a few of my moving tips with you, too.

3 Practical Moving Tips to Make Moving Easier

  1. Sort through your belongings before you pack, getting rid of anything that you no longer love, no longer use or that is broken
  2. Pack by room and label your boxes accordingly. Then on moving day, have friends, the movers or whomever is helping you, deliver the boxes to their designated rooms.
  3. Immediately set up one room in your new home so that you have a respite from all the stress and chaos of moving.

Kelli and I made quite a bit of progress that day and it’s been so fun to watch her settle into her dream home. Thank you, Kelli for inviting me into your space, both online and at home. It was my pleasure!

Thank you Sharon for all of your help. Friends, Sharon has written a beautiful book called Creating Success at Home. She gives great practical tips for creating a home that everyone loves. I highly recommend it if you’re struggling to get organized, get settled, get decorated, or get content with your home.

You can read a sample chapter here by clicking here or buy the book here. I know you’ll love it! (my affiliate link)

ebook cover 3d


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  1. Thanks for these tips for making moving easier. I’m moving into my first apartment, so it seems like there are a few things that I need to know first. Packing my room and labeling my boxes seems like something that I should start doing. I have a few random things thrown into boxes, so I should go through them and carefully label them, then I’ll organize my things to make labeling my boxes easier.


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