My Favorite Easy Holiday Meal

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During the holiday time- which is about 5 weeks from Thanksgiving to New Year’s- I do a TON of cooking. I love it- the smells, the flavors, the getting in the kitchen and making something delicious to share. But sometimes at the end of the day, when I’ve been baking Christmas cookies all day, I need something easy for dinner. Like, really, really easy. This is my favorite easy holiday meal to “make” after a full day- no matter what the activity! Hint: there is absolutely ZERO cooking!

easy holiday time meal

Last week, we were super busy getting our new house ready to host our church’s nativity/Christmas party. We also had out-of-town friends staying the night and I knew we would all be hungry after the guests left. So I did one of my favorite time-saving tricks: I ordered items for this easy meal, plus some other essentials, from Sam’s Club to be ready to be picked up when I arrived. This has seriously saved me so much time- I sit on my comfy couch, order my items to be picked up, pay for them,  then show up at Sam’s at the time I chose, and voila! I’m done shopping!

sam's cart

See? Everything waiting for me!

I love shopping at Sam’s for another reason- with a family as big as mine, stocking up on essentials makes my life much easier. This holiday season, Sam’s Club is helping shoppers save even more by offering great deals on Everyday Essentials like Bounty, Olay, Swiffer, Febreze, Tide, and Gain.

Members who take advantage of purchasing participating holiday essentials will save about $97! We can all use an extra $100 during the holidays, am I right? I used the money I saved on my items to get lots of fun Christmas food and a few gifts, too!

Now, back to that super easy meal I as telling you about. Sam’s is my favorite place to get the items for this meal because their food is high quality and priced great. My favorite easy holiday meal

Here’s what I get for the meal: Brie cheese, grapes, clementines, fresh bread from the bakery, yummy crackers, a few kinds of olives, and sparkling grape juice. I assemble everything on a nice platter and dinner is prepared in about 4.3 minutes! It’s seriously one of our favorite things to eat and it’s such an easy holiday dinner! (We’ll also pick up this same food for picnics in the fall or spring.)

What are your favorite easy meals to serve during busy times? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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