Marriage Monday: encouraging one another in marriage

Are you a wife or a husband? Do you hope to be a wife (or husband) someday? Would you like to hear from others on how to be a better spouse, either now or in the future?
marriage monday

Then my new series, Marriage Monday, is for you!

The topic of healthy marriage has been on my heart lately. We’re part of a younger church and many members are in a dating relationship, about to get married, or newly married. My husband and I have done TONS of premarital counseling together- various relationship-based topics have been brought up over the course of counseling and I just feel like we can all use some encouragement now and then, right?

Each Monday, I’ll be sharing an encouraging blog post from bloggers and non-bloggers alike- people like you! I want to hear your marital advice on communication, friendship in marriage, sex, financial decisions, respect, or whatever is on your heart!

Interested? Please send me an e-mail at eatprayreadlove @ and shoot me your ideas. All ideas will be considered but please note that they must fit into the overall theme of my blog.

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