The One Item That Makes a Sam’s Club Membership Worth It

I wrote a post last year about whether a Sam’s Club Membership is worth the money or not. Even though we get to use a card through my husband’s job, I know now that I would buy our own membership in a heartbeat for this one reason.

There's one thing our family buys monthly that covers the cost of a Sam's club membership- in just one month!

I mentioned in the original post that we bought prescriptions for a good price from Sam’s. But I didn’t realize just exactly how much I was saving.

Our son Landon has been on the same medication since he was one day old. He was on the liquid form of it until this April, when we decided to try the capsule form.

I went to a pharmacy that was close by and got the cost- $60/ month. Now obviously if that’s what it costs, that’s what it costs and we would buy our son’s medication.  But I decided it would be worth it to check at Sam’s to see if it was any cheaper. Not sure why I didn’t try there first.

I went to have it filled and waited to pick it up. The pharmacy tech told me it looked like it would be around $25- which is already a huge savings. But when I went to pick it up, since we have a Business Membership, guess what the total came to?


Yup, that’s right. In just one month, we saved the amount of the year’s membership. (The business membership is $45/year)

grove 1

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What do we save in one year on this one prescription? Not counting when we need antibiotics or my husband’s blood pressure pills or anything else we may use?


I know that there is debate if the food is much cheaper (some of it really is!) or if buying gas at Sam’s really saves money, BUT if you or anyone in your household takes any prescription medications on a regular basis, a Sam’s club membership is most likely a good financial decision.

I was in no shape form or fashion compensated for this post (well, besides the $577 I’m saving each year!) but just wanted to share a really good deal with you!

Edited 8.17.2015: I’ve had several readers tell me that you can get prescriptions from Sam’s without a membership. This is true, BUT the savings come from being a member. You won’t get some of the deeply discounted prices without a membership. :)

Originally posted 9-5-2014

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  1. I have a family member that works at Sam’s as a pharmacist, and I am 99% sure that you are not required to have a membership to get prescriptions filled at Sam’s. So, you can get your savings without the membership fee!

  2. Is it just the business membership that saves you that much? Or any?

  3. Selena Rodriguez says:

    I get my prescriptions at Cotstco. I dont have a membership or have to pay for one. By law any pharmacy even in Sams or Costco must offer their pharmacy to customers even if they are not members. Well my doctor told me something like that. At the front door I just tell them im going to the pharmacy. So far my presc. was cheaper at Costco than at Sams.

    • Selena Rodriguez says:

      Oh you do get more of a discount if you do have a membership but only like a couple dollars.

    • Kelli Hays says:

      Oh that’s good to know, I’ll have to check that out. I know you can get prescriptions at Sam’s without a membership, but the business membership saved over $100 a month on my son’s particular prescription so definitely worth it!

  4. This is so good to know. My in-laws are staying with us for a few weeks and are on many prescription medications plus they are on a fixed income. I will be definitely let them know about this savings and have them look into having their prescriptions filled. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. If you have a plus membership the cost is $100.00 you get even cheaper perscription prices. Yes you don’t have to have a membership to get the pharmacy benefits. But to get these great prices it is worth the price of the plus card!!
    I have a medication I take and it costs $90.74 a month. With the plus membership it is only $6.00!!
    Now I work for Sam’s so I see these benefits daily!!


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