The One Item That Makes a Sam’s Club Membership Worth It

I wrote a post last year about whether a Sam’s Club Membership is worth the money or not. Even though we get to use a card through my husband’s job, I know now that I would buy our own membership in a heartbeat for this one reason. I mentioned in the original post that we […]

It’s My Birthday and I’ll Giveaway If I Want to ;)

Hey friends! Today I’m celebrating another year of life. Actually I celebrated all weekend with friends and family and am feeling so loved. My parents plus my sister, brother-in-law and niece and nephew came in town to see me. We had dinner with a few friends on Friday night, then my sister babysat Saturday night […]

How Laundry Day is *Almost* Fun

The best laundry tips for large families So I’m 4 months in of being a mom of 5. Crazy! The one thing that has threatened to snow me under more than anything is the sheer amount of clothing that has to be washed, dried, folded or hung on hangers, and put away. I’ve been honing […]

How your Marriage *Can* Survive a Storm

With so many marriages- even Christian ones- falling apart, how can we protect our marriage when tough times hit? I wanted to share today something I wrote several years ago but is so applicable today.  When couples stand before their friends and families on their wedding day and pledge to love one another “for better […]

I’m Your Leader and I Failed ;)

Hi there! We’ve just finished out our first month of the Reading Challenge and I’ve already (partially) failed! (Still want to join? You can! Start here. Then e-mail me @ and I’ll add you to my e-mail group!) My goals were to read A Tale of Two Cities (a book I should have read in high […]

Creating a Culture of Hospitality

Hospitality is a biblical subject that has always fascinated me. Are Christians expected to be hospitable? The answer is yes! I’ve loved exploring the topic throughout the Scriptures on the topic and realizing that the Bible says the words “one to another,” “together,” and “shared” SO many times. It’s hard to live life like that without being hospitable! […]