Creamy Jalapeño and Bacon Soup

from the archives. Originally posted Feb 29, 2012 Note: this soup is not Whole 30 compliant but works great for low-carb/ sugar-restricted diets
jalapeno bacon soup

Last night I made Creamy Jalapeño Soup. I am on a low-sugar eating plan right now, and not eating much flour either. This is one of our favorite meals when I am on this “diet”- which is about every other week! (So I drop 7 pounds or so in a week, then gain them back the next! No happy medium for me! Don’t judge. 😉 )

This recipe is so easy, and you can adjust the heat according to your taste.

Creamy Jalapeño Soup
The beginnings of a tasty meal! This is all you need besides chicken broth and salt.
Cut the jalapeños in half. If you’ve never used fresh jalapeños, you may be worried about the heat.
All of the heat is contained in the seeds and white membrane. If you get all that out, you just have the flavor of the jalapeño.
A vegetable peeler like shown above works great at getting out the seeds and membrane.
I am not super careful about getting every.single.seed out of the jalapeños, because my kids don’t eat this soup anyway (one of the very rare exceptions where I’ll make them something different- leaves more soup for me!) and Ben and I both like spicy foods. But if you don’t like it hot, just be careful to get all of the seeds, as well as the white membrane out of the peppers. Then you’ll have a mild, but tasty, soup.
This is what was going on between starting the soup and eating it. Aren’t they sweet? That baby girl loves her brother and sister.
And this is the end result. Doesn’t look too exciting, but it is oh-so-good.
Seconds will be inevitable, I just have to face it.
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If you’re not on a carb-restricted diet, sop it up with some crusty bread.
Okay, I have to stop. Enjoy!
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