Relaxing in the Best Way

I mentioned a few posts back that I had hurt a nerve in my wrist/arm somehow. The pain was pretty excruciating for a few days while I was doing exercises to help resolve the problem. I was so thankful that the Lord was gracious and orchestrated that I just “happened” to have a massage set up that week- a free massage in exchange for this blog post! Amazing!

Anyway, my massage therapist was also named Kelli so there was an instant connection that way. :)  Kelli has such a welcoming personality and she REALLY listened to what I said about my pain in my arm and took over 20 minutes to work on that one problem. (That’s an estimate, I certainly wasn’t watching the clock! 😉 )

I’ve had a fair share of massages the last few years and could really tell that she knew what she was doing. While I can’t say that my nerve pain was completely healed (that takes time!), I felt SO much better after Kelli’s attention to it. The whole experience was super relaxing and healing. I felt completely at peace while I was there.

Kelli massage

I took my own essential oil blend for her to use and she didn’t hesitate to use it on me. I really appreciated that as well.

You can find Kelli at Pampered Escape Spa in west Houston (14760 Memorial Dr #103, Houston, TX 77079) Give her a call at (832) 384-8958 to set up your massage- you will not regret it!

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