{RIP Shopping In-Store} Life Hacks for Large Families

You guys, remember a few months ago when I posted about Grove.co? I had an amazing free offer for you guys then, and I’ve got another one now! You can read below for my streamlining tip for large families, or if you’re short on time, click here to add $30 of free products to your cart (*new Grove.co customers only, but there’s also a gift for existing customers!)

RIP store

You guys. With 4 kids, a church to care for, my blogging gig, etc., we stay pretty busy. But this summer has been next level with busyness due to MANY new things in our lives- my husband took a new part-time job (more on that later), my kids are probably going to a new school in August, and best of all, we have begun the training to become foster/adoptive parents! This is something we’ve tossed around for a while, but were really convicted earlier this summer to DO something about it. (Did you know that 48% of Americans consider adoption, but only 2% actually do it? This statistic blew. my. mind.)

So with that, we are going to become an even BIGGER family! I’ve done some things this summer in our busyness (we’ve had 4-hour trainings for 3 nights this week alone!) to help streamline our lives. Since the training is taking up a huge chunk of our nighttime hours, I want to spend as much time as possible with the kids during the day.

I decided that shopping needed a facelift, so that I’m not spending hours in the store. I’m SO thankful we live in the day and age where it’s possible!

Caldrea banner

I’ve already been using Grove.co for several months for my cleaning supplies and a few of my toiletries, but I added even more items to my monthly order this time. I add items to my cart that I use on a regular basis, then schedule out how often I need them. Most of my items are on an every-other-month basis. Spending mental energy worrying if I’m going to run out of hand soap or toilet cleaner? Not anymore!

Also, I LOVE the fact that I’m not as prone to impulse buys when doing my shopping online, especially when my orders are automatic. (Don’t worry though, you’ll receive an e-mail each month before your order ships in case you want to add something or move something to next month’s order. You NEVER have to buy something you don’t need.)

Only until Sunday, Grove.co offering my readers $30 in free Caldrea products just for trying Grove*! Trust me, you WANT to try Grove! (If you’re already a current customer of Grove, no worries, you get a free goody too! Just click here!)

Here’s what you’ll get in your box:

  • Free Caldrea dish soap
  • Free Caldrea countertop spray
  • Free Grove Collaborative dish brush
  • Free shipping

Isn’t this line gorgeous? It makes me want to clean. 😉

Pear Blossom Agave

I chose the Tangelo-Frond scent, but can’t wait to try the others! Click here to get this amazing deal!

So what’s your best time-saving hack? I’m needing ALL of them right now!

*You’ll have to buy $20 in additional products to receive this offer, but trust me! You’ll easily find items to reach your $20. I love the YES to facial wipes, Method Anti-Bac bathroom spray, Mrs. Meyer’s products, etc., etc. 😉

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