Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon

julie and julia bffIt’s time for this month’s #BlogFilmFood! It’s where some of my blogger friends and I get together virtually, watch a movie, and cook something delicious based on the movie. I actually got to see several of these bloggers in person yesterday at a blogging event- I’ll be sharing more on that next week!

This slow cooker beef bourguignon is a delicious company-worthy dish that simmers all day and makes your whole house smell delicious!

This month’s movie is Julie and Julia. I remember loving this movie the first time I saw it- it’s such an original concept and of course, it features tons of amazing food. I remember hearing of Beef Bourguignon for the very first time on that movie. It wasn’t until one of my favorite authors mentioned on her Facebook page making Beef Bourguignon for dinner that night, and that her kids inhaled it and she loved it and her husband was amazed by it.

With that kind of of reviews (I mean, if I like her writing, I’m sure to love the same food as her, too right?), and the fact I was already fascinated by the dish because of Julie and Julia, I looked at the recipe and decided to make it for my sister’s family and some friends one night. The original recipe was Ina Garten’s, but of course with everything I cook, I tweak it to make it my own. My favorite thing I changed? Instead of the oven, I make mine in the slow cooker. (I’ve got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to my beloved crock pot.)

This has quickly become one of our favorite dishes at our home now. I’ve made it for company several times and it always is well-received. (Haven’t had any vegetarians over though, they probably wouldn’t go for it. 😉 )

You’ll need 1/2 package of bacon, 2.b lbs of beef chuck (although I’ve been using venison the last few times), a bag of baby carrots, 1 chopped yellow onion, 1/2 bottle of red wine, beef broth, and some seasonings you probably have on hand. (Full recipe is on the printable below)


Cook the bacon until almost done, but not crisp. Add in the carrots to give them some bacon flavor. :) I actually prefer the baby carrots but for some reason I used shredded this time, probably because that’s what I had. (At this step I sometimes add in 1 Tbs. fresh rosemary as well.)


Remove the bacon and carrots and set aside. Sprinkle the meat with salt, pepper, and garlic powder on all sides. Leave the bacon drippings in the skillet and brown the cubed meat on all sides. (Unless you have a massive iron skillet, you’ll have to do this in batches.) Place the meat in the crockpot, then layer the bacon and carrots mixture over the meat.


Remove the meat and add 1 tbs. olive oil. Add the onion and cook the onions until translucent. Remove them and place in the crockpot.


Add the wine and deglaze the pan, scraping the bottom to remove all the bits remaining. Pour over everything in the crockpot.

Add one cup beef broth to the crockpot. You can also add mushrooms too, but I’m sadly the only one in my family that loves them.

beef bourginon 1

Now put the lid on and let that yumminess cook on low for about 4-6 hours. (Check the meat periodically, you don’t want it to dry out. Remember the meat already cooked a bit in the skillet.)

I added potatoes as well this time when I made it (chop them and put them at the very bottom of the crockpot; sprinkled generously with salt and pepper.) You could also serve it over rice, or my favorite, buttered, toasted French bread. Yum!

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This slow cooker beef bourguignon is a delicious company-worthy dish that simmers all day and makes your whole house smell delicious!

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  1. Anything that involves bacon, beef, and the slow cooker you can count me in! Looks fabulous…Makes me realize I haven’t used my slow cooker in too long again. :)

  2. my slow cooker is my friend so I love this recipe and my boys love the beef thanks for sharing visiting from thrifty thursday

  3. I wonder if you could use sweet potatoes instead…Looks delicious and I am always looking for new slow cooker ideas. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. I love using my Crock Pot! Pinning for later!


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