Using the Best Appliance in your Kitchen: Small Changes

Hi there! I’m just getting back from a trip to Atlanta and South Carolina with my older daughter Allie- I’m so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open but it was an incredible trip! We got to spend time with some very good friends of ours and also attend the gorgeous wedding of my sweet cousin Nina.  I’ll share more later. :)

The BEST appliance in your kitchen!

I asked my husband what change I should write about today and he immediately answered, “Using the crock pot.” Love him! He used the crock pot to make dinner twice while I was gone and I use a ton all year around. Here are 5 reasons the crock pot can be the best appliance in your kitchen!

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teal crock pot

1.) It’s a great time saver

I can throw dinner in while I’m making breakfast and not be in the kitchen all evening.

2.) It saves money

On days when life is super busy, having a meal ready at home will keep you from eating out unneccessarily. For our family, I can throw in a whole chicken, a bag of carrots, and several potatoes all for around $7. Eating out costs at bare minimum $20 (and that’s fast food.)

3.) It’s healthier

We do love restaurant food and eat out about twice a month as a family and once weekly on a date. But for the majority of the time, we eat at home. Using a crock pot makes it easier to prepare healthy meals in minimal time.

4.) It doesn’t heat up kitchen

I LOVE using my crock pot in the summer because it doesn’t heat up the kitchen like the oven does.

5.) Delicious meals are EASY!

I used to associate the crock pot with less-than-tasty food, but that simply isn’t true! Some of our favorite meals are in make in the crock pot. In fact, Landon regularly requests a “crock pot meal.” Bonus: your home smells amazing most of the day!

Here are some of my favorites: (Just click on each image to be taken to the recipe)

Slow Cooker Beef Bourginon,

This slow cooker beef bourguignon is a delicious company-worthy dish that simmers all day and makes your whole house smell delicious!

Sausage Potato Soup


Curried Indian Chicken Soup

curried indian chicken soup at eatprayreadlove.comHoney Sriacha Drumsticks

These honey sriacha drumsticks are a little sweet, a little spicy, and super-inexpensive!

Crazy Easy Stacked Enchiladas

crazy easy stacked enchiladas

This slow cooker Herb Crusted Prime Rib from Penney Lane kitchen looks divine!

Texas Style Ribs (recipe on a free printable!)

What’s your favorite crock pot recipe? I’m always up for something new!

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